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Neat little thing I found, or more accurately, Google pointed out to me! :point_right: On Android a popup appeared in the middle of my screen suggesting that I add Monzo to my home screen, I assumed it was some kind of progressive web app for a moment :wink:

Basically I get a lovely 2nd Monzo logo on my phone which links to the Community Forum! :slight_smile:

It’s got its own splash screen and besides that… It’s just a web tab in its own window :smile:

It’s really simple to add this to your own device (Android) I’ve no idea if the same is true of iOS, though, I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough! :wink:

Where you see “Open Monzo Community” it’ll instead say “Add to Home Screen”:

This results in a nice app appearing in your app draw & home screen:

Not too shabby, eh? :grin:

Is Discourse a suitable forum for Monzo?
Monzo community
(Andy Hughes) #2

This just popped up for me too and was about to write this very post but you’ve beaten me to it! :grin:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #3

Mwahahaha! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: That was my plan, beat everyone to the punch :innocent:

(James) #4

The option on iOS doesn’t seem quite as fancy, there’s no splash screen, and it only opens the community in a new tab on Safari :disappointed:

But if you go into the Safari share menu and add it to your home screen you then do get the option of getting

(or even a third! :grinning:)


You can do this with most sites on Andriod tbh. It’s like a bookmark with an icon.

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Indeed! :smiley:

But isn’t it more fun because it’s Monzo? :wink:


Have fun :smile:

I should have mentioned because I been using for sometime and thought people might know already because chrome prompts every now and then when you visit a site regularly.

(Jolin) #8

I wish that saving a site like this would enable alerts, so it was more like an actual app. Discourse is great on mobile, but I miss the alerts.

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There’s a mobile app for that, yes it’s rubbish - it just displays the site in an embedded browser - but that’s not the point, it’s just for sending mobile notifications which it does very well :slight_smile:


Android version;

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