Monzo Bank Statements (For Mortgages or anything else)

My mortgage application is in progress now, and they have asked for a statement showing my day-to-day transactions/expenditures. Before few months, I got too excited about monzo and used it for all my personal expenses.

I have been in touch with the support team and they told there is absolutely no way getting an authorised statement from monzo.

So, has anybody here been through the same situation? If so, how did you cover that up with the mortgage provider?

Its a bit of a letdown, sorry. My mortgage application is in a jeopardy now. At least this must have been told upfront when I signed up for monzo. It may be in the smallprint or T&Cs, but… any ways, hoping to hear something positive from the community of their experiences with mortgage applications.


presumably you ‘top up’ your Monzo pre paid debit card from a bank debit card that you hold funds in - as far as Im aware the only way to get funds onto a Monzo card is by bank transfer or debit card top up or on the odd occasion paying a cheque into Monzo head office for them to cash- which have to be funded from ‘a bank’ ?

edit - unless you’re using some other means of funding your pre card ?

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oh indeed @anon95680666 , I topup using a card, but I topup like a few hundred pounds every month. On my bank statement, the mortgage lenders cannot see what expenses do I have every month… it just says “transferred to monzo”. It does not have a clear indication what I’m spending usually on, which may be important for them to assess my future expenditures.

Edit: Its an assumption that the lenders find it important. I assume so because they have pushed back on me to get a proper statement showing detailed expenditures. And the mortgage broker so far have told that the lenders may behave picky about that.

Just to check, is that an assumption or have they told you this? As far as they’re concerned, Monzo could be just another merchant that you’re spending your money with…

To me, that seems to be what Monzo are inferring here -

well that seems a bit unreasonable of them - if your bank statement says you top up a few hundred pounds every month and your app on you phone says the money comes in from your bank and then breaks down the expenditure in exact detail every month - what would they say if you withdrew a few hundred pounds in cash every month to pay your living costs it would be the same statement as cash withdrawal without expenditure breakdown - which you can provide with Monzo

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Good point @anon95680666 about the cash withdrawal. I’ll try that with the lenders. Fingers crossed.

can you download your expenditure by month from the app - I know you can with I phone - not sure if this is poss with Android yet - you can then present them with your statement from your bank transferring to monzo and monzos list of your expenditure - which will tie up completely - although not certified by Monzo it will be a complete breakdown of living costs

I completely agree @alexs :raised_hands:. I have been very enthusiastic that almost 50% of my expenses had been with monzo for the past few months.

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Thanks @anon95680666. I had done that yesterday… Hoping this would end up positive.

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It’s not yet, that functionality wasn’t included when search was added for Android -


be prepared to escalate the discussion further up the management structure to someone that can make decisions rather than follow set procedures - after explaining it to them logically and presenting the evidence - good luck :slight_smile:

Sure thing. Thanks @anon95680666 and @alexs.

Edit: The intention of this post was to find if anybody in the community had gone through this and how they managed.


Will follow this closely and hope you have a sensible resolution with the mortgage provider. I’m looking to sort a mortgage soon, and I’ve been almost exclusively using Monzo for 18 months (excluding rent and bills). Eeek. :neutral_face:

If they really want a list of all transactions, you could login (not on your phone) to and select List Transactions… May be a bit too much information there though but you at least may (with a bit of tweaking) be able to put together a spreadsheet for them.

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was there not a desktop client built on the api at one point ? could that be used to print off a transaction list in a traditional lloking form, poss even with monzo logo ?

like this -

There’s quite a few web & desktop apps -

But obviously none which will produce a list of transactions on headed paper which is presumably what the bank will want.

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But perhaps better than nothing, or a JSON blob.

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Just so anybody that stumbles upon the same problem know, my mortgage application is successfully through.

All that I provided was a CSV download from Monzo app. I’m not sure if they considered the CSV sheet, or if they considered @anon95680666 argument of Monzo transactions being similar to cash withdrawals.

Looking forward for a real Monzo account soon, and happy Monzo-ing all. Thanks all for the suggestions.


That’s great news! Thanks very much for letting us know.

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I have just realised that with the app, I might end up facing some difficulty when it comes to affordability evidencing for mortgage applications… I just can’t send them hundreds of screenshots of my statement for the past three months.