Bank Statements for a Mortgage Application

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From those with experience of applying for a mortgage, where it specifies ‘3 months bank statements’ does the bank usually request these for all current accounts, or just the one where you’re salary goes?

For us it was only for the account the salary goes to, but then we don’t really have many other accounts and we went for a springboard mortgage so not sure how that influenced the number of checks they carried out

They need it to work out what your outgoings are to determine affordability.

If you have bills through one account and day-to-day spending on another I’d say that you need 3 months from each. Probably worth asking them to be certain though.

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I’ve just been through all this with a broker. I pro-actively gave them bank statements for both current accounts I had (I get salary paid into one, and have spending out of another).

I also prepared a short explanation as to how the two accounts were linked / worked to give a picture as to my monthly finances (to try and save them piecing it together and drawing the wrong conclusions).

Ultimately I guess it’s whatever provides the best picture of both your income and outgoings.

If not needed for your mortgage, you will probably still need these for the Source of Wealth checks performed by your solicitor so probably worth pulling everything together up front :blush:


For the date period, I’d say I’ve used Monzo for 9/10 of things.

I’ve started using my two other current accounts for a few other bits recently, I’ve got my RBS joint & Revolut (although I doubt they’ll ask for this) statements (as well as my two savings accounts) to cover all possibilities.

Would end up being potentially 5 sets of statements (just from me) but I suppose they’ve seen more

I’d be curious to know how the “intra-monzo” payments (ie: round ups, bill pots, pots, etc) get factored in these scenarios? As in, how do lenders interpret Monzo statements?
Meaning, as far as Monzo statements are concerned, anything that goes to a pot is classed as outgoings, and anything leaving a pot is incomings. Having a look at my statements, my outgoings and incomings are, every month, about 3-4 times my monthly salary, just based on the fact that when salary gets paid in, it gets sorted by pots, and taken out as needed, so as far as the statements are concerned, my spending is through the roof.

No idea! It’s two Monzo salary accounts going into the mix. I do think Pots makes statements a bit messy.

TSB haven’t said stated on the official documents so far that we need statements, but it was mentioned on one email.

That said statements aren’t needed if ‘you use TSB as your main account’ so make of that what you will guys :eyes:

I work in Loans and we often need all statements, but sometimes don’t. Guess it’s the same for mortgages.

Was perfectly fine with my Monzo statements, they just needed a pots statement in addition to what the app provides, which customer services generate and job done

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Don’t really use the pots now but if they need them happy to ask for them

That actually makes sense, that as a “secondary account”, they get their own statements. Thanks for clarifying btw!

For our application I made a second “clean” statement with all the roundups and guff stripped out - so it only showed things actually going in or out of my account. I explained this to my broker and he just said “nah we’ll just give them the full one and make them work for their commission”.


For the record folks, wasn’t asked for any statements at all!