Make the Statement useful for loans, mortgage application, letting agencies, etc


From time to time, various companies (finance companies, letting agencies, etc) asking me to send my statement to prove my salary.

Each and every time, I go and export a PDF statement from the Monzo app, which usually works.

Each and every time, the company asking to send something else, because the monzo statement is useless to them, because the payment reference is missing. I talked to the support about this multiple times during last year. The reponse was always the same: Sorry, we cannot fix this now, the eng team has been notified, blablabla, we are not perfect for everyone, but we are working to be better.

As far as I’m aware, Monzo is currently aiming to convince people to use their Monzo account where they put their salary. As far as I’m aware, renting, applying for loan or mortgage is not an edge case, and also each and every UK bank who had pdf statement could put together a statement, which was ok for the previously mentioned companies. And yes, I can always ask all my employer to give me a piece of paper about my salary and my accounting firm, etc, however if I could get it with one click from my bank, it would make my life bearable.

So please Monzo get your sh*t together and fix the stament, thanks.

If I was Monzo this wouldn’t motivate me to provide this :sweat_smile:

I’ve never had an issue with statements from Monzo. Infact I believe they’ve recently been updated - how recent was the last time you checked and had an issue?

Welcome to the community, @lorikarabekian. :slight_smile:

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Agree it would make much more sense for the statements to include references. Why on earth don’t they? :roll_eyes:

Also, if monzo are going to show statements some love, how about A4 paper size?



Why don’t you send these people your pay slip?

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C’mon monzo fans, stop shooting the messenger. The tone of the first post wasn’t great but the point is valid, is it not?


I’ve used monzo statements to open savings and investment accounts in terms of a POA but not for POI.

Surely the app pdf statement and X3 slips would be sufficient. I work for a financial business and we would accept that

And tone wise, it was literally one use of a colloquialism that we all know the meaning of.

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Frankly if I were the person in charge of prioritising the work, my reaction to being told to get my sh*t together would be to move that piece of work aaaaaaaaaaaallll the way to the bottom of the pile. #sorrynotsorry

The day I wrote the post.

Because then I have to send 6 payslips and at least 3 other documents proving my income which comes from multiple places, instead of one pdf.

I was talking about this request multiple times over the last 6 month with the support and I’m on the verge of moving my accounts (private and business) to somewhere else. So yeah, I hope that the person who is in charge of prioritising the work is more customer focused than you.

to make statements better they need to remove all the transfers to and from pots.

If you request a stamped copy of the statement from Monzo does that show payment references?

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Note about the tone:

I’m currently massively pissed of, that the lack of the reference in the statement is currently causing me serious headache. This is about the third time in 6 months, when instead of a single statement, I need to put together payslips and other papers, if I’m trying to give proof of my monthly income (same for my wife, who also uses monzo). However the support is responsive, they cannot give me any indication if this is going to be fixed any time soon. I’m using monzo since the beta and I’m still pretty impressed with that they created. However I’m currently considering to move to somewhere else.

As a customer I’m not seeing the transparency in Monzo’s communication with my issue and they couldn’t even give me an indication about the timeline, when I can expect the statement to work. So I think with my issue, they not living up to their promise of “We’re focused on solving problems, rather than selling financial products.” I’m still thinking, the dropped the ball with the statement and I would like to understand, why don’t they see as a priority to provide at least the same level of service as other UK banks do (both traditional and Fintech).

I asked the support and their answer was inconclusive.

We’re all just customers like you on here so you’re venting your frustrations at the wrong people.

All you can do on here is suggest this improvement and if enough people agree (5 currently) then you will get Monzos attention and they may consider it. As it stands you’re way off - going off past suggestions you need 200+ votes for it to be worthwhile.

Maybe that will change over time but if you feel this strongly about it, perhaps you should move banks as you said. Such a small thing (no matter how simple it may seem) really isn’t worth the amount of anguish you claim to be experiencing.

I’d recommend that you keep your Monzo account open (credit history and such) and if this feature comes in the future you can then consider switching back :slight_smile:

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This is making me consider switching my salary to my second account in all fairness. With things like a mortgage you want a slick documentation process.

I wouldn’t be too concerned about it to be honest :slight_smile: Since being with Monzo I’ve applied for a mortgage and taken out a few loans for various things like my motorbike as well as finance on my car.

Granted you might find one stubborn lender but all of mine have been perfectly happy with a PDF exported straight from the Monzo app. It couldn’t have been simpler.

Sometimes it’s worth having a chat with lenders as they’ve usually relaxed their requirements but just not got round to updating it on their website.

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I had to get them for my tenancy recently, and it was A4

If you need to prove your salary, do you need the reference?