Monzo Bank Statements (For Mortgages or anything else)

I’ve moved your post here as another user raised the same concerns here but was able to complete their mortgage application successfully. I hope the information from the earlier posts helps :slight_smile:

Here’s Starling’s response to something similar:

They reckon they’re legally bound to send a statement if requested, but have said it’d (presently) only be a PDF printout, similar to that which you can print from their app. If Starling are legally bound, wouldn’t this law cover :monzo: Monzo too? At least for the full current accounts. Anyone know what this ‘law’ is?

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I don’t know which law they’re referring to there but to be clear, Monzo have said that they’ll provide paper statements for the current accounts -

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I know this is a bit late but I have gone through a similar experience a little while ago. My mortgage adviser was asking what are these payments to :monzo: were, i told him about the awesomeness that is :monzo: and he asked for a statement from them.

I asked on the in app chat for an export of all my transactions if possible to hand over to him. @Fred on the COps team then provided me with a csv and a pdf of all my transactions during the dates I was asked for. Mortgage adviser accepted that now im progressing with my application just fine.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


When was this @JBirdV1?

When I asked for a similar thing in the in-app chat, they were not ready to provide me any pdf.

Think it was the start of June. It wasn’t the best looking export, and there was no official branding on it but my mortgage adviser accepted it.


Yep… My mortgage advisors accepted the csv export from the app itself, after a bit of nudging though.


Ah I see, im on Android so the export feature wasnt available for me.

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What’s the process of when someone asks you for an official bank statement. How would I get one of those?

Hi Nick, I’ve moved your post here as other users have shared how they’ve dealt with this request earlier in the thread, I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Is there any way to get a PDF of a monthly statement of the CA?

I don’t need it now but have in the past needed bank statement printouts for:

  • Tax audit
  • Mortgage application
  • Property Rental application
  • Foreign country visa application.

There are probably other potential usage scenarios for paper printed bank statements but thinking back these are the ones I have come across.

I know app based banking may be the future but plenty of other people out there still live in a world of paper and insist on requiring paper from others.

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Not yet, but we are working on it!


good to hear! I was thinking about this last night and it is requested tons in finance.

For example my company requests Proof of Address which can be bank statement - we require name, date and address included on the headed paper. Will Monzo statements look similar to legacy banks ie the relevant information?

This is already possible to get - ask COPs for a “proof of ownership” letter

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excuse my ignorance, but I don’t know what that is :speak_no_evil: can you explain?

No problem!

COPs stands for “Customer Operations” and they are the people you can call/email/chat with :smiley:

In app you should be able to start and chat with them and you’ll be able to ask them for the proof of ownership letter which should be accepted as proof of your address and obviously, that you have an account with Monzo

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A proof of ownership letter says you have an account with them without detailing any transactions like a statement would

ah, good to know! I feel like it might be a problem I run into at work, and if I’m educated on these new banks etc then I can pass it on :slight_smile:

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True. But unless you require a statement specifically (ie. for tax/morgage) it is still acceptable as proof of address.

We’re all about sharing knowledge here :smiley:

I didn’t say it wasn’t

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