Monzo attempts to trademark Hot Coral

Anyone read through this article yet?

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No. Have you? (what a weird topic this is already!).

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You could sign up to a trial and read it yourself, then summarise it for us.

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Its paywalled for me. Thought it would be interesting to see what someone thought of it who has read it.

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Fair enough. Paywalled for me too then, but I don’t think I’d bother reading it anyway.

Some choice bits:

A person familiar with the matter said Monzo is facing a growing number of infringements of its brand globally, forcing it to step up efforts to protect itself.

Sharon O’Dea, a co-founder at the digital strategy consultancy Lithos Partners, said: “They’re the feel-good bank aren’t they? The one that is cool to be associated with, and part of that is their visual design.”

Many of the features crucial to a digital bank’s success — remote card blocking, instant payment notifications, budgeting tools and so on — can and will be copied by traditional banks eventually.

Which makes look and feel even more important. “The brand is one of the things they rely on to differentiate themselves both from the traditional banks and the other challengers,” said O’Dea.


Choice, perhaps. Surprising and revealing. Nope. Glad I didn’t bother!

Havent read it but know they applied for this well over a year ago, at a time when every ad on facebook or instagram for dodgy card readers had a bright hot coral card in

UPS T-Mobile Target + a few more have trademarked their colours, why would Monzo not get theirs ? Was there any objections I wonder.

The de-emphasising of Hot Coral outside of the card colour (the switch to the multi-colour logo from solid hot coral, f’rex) may have hurt their case.

Still surprising. If Caterpillar can have their yellow, and T-Mobile can have their magenta, you’d think Monzo would’ve had a decent chance.

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Trademark application:

Application history:


That Sucks

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Nice link. I see ‘pots’ and ‘coin jar’ have been refrigerated registered as trademarks also.

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Yeah, they’re that cool! :cold_face:

They’ve been registered as well. :wink:

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I didn’t think anyone had noticed :see_no_evil:

My Swype keyboard does like to make me look foolish sometimes, stupid thing. Still, it works really fast most of the time so I stick with it.

(I’ve edited the post again to preserve the error for you.)

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I guess they’re just doing whatever any other company would do.

Interesting reading about the failed application. Cadbury’s lost their trademark.

Thanks for those links.

Interesting that this colour application was only for 2 classes and the rest of the application history was for 5+

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Hot Coral is literally just the card colour it’s not representative of the brand or the product elsewhere.

it’s the wrong colour tho…


Is the user icon in that advert a picture of Tom? Seems a bit cheeky if so.