The actual card

I don’t like the colour of the card and there’s no sign of the graphic M that mondo want to keep? It doesn’t really match the app.


The card is just for the testing period and thus is a temporary measure so I’d also guess it’s produced as cheaply as possible. The logo etc will be much more prominent on proper ‘bank’ cards I’d suspect.

You’re in the minority my friend. #hotcoral4eva


Hey it’s just a card thing. The cheap BETA thing explains it. The app however is awesome. Love it already.

I don’t have any special access to the Mondo design team but I’m guessing that -

  • The colour’s not supposed to be aesthetically pleasing, it’s supposed to stand out. This is a start up and they’re trying to attract attention - smart. So I guess it’s a love hate thing, you either like that it’s so bold & you’ve got the upstart fintech company’s card or you don’t.

  • The card’s design will be more toned down, to suit a mass market when the new designs are issued. Although they might carry on the above approach for a while.

  • Hopefully you only have to wait about 6 months for that new design (when Mondo’s a fully authorised bank) & when they’re ready, I wouldn’t be surprised - given the level of engagement with users for every other aspect of the business - if beta users are asked to give feedback to help design that card.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the day when the new card design’s issued & I still have the slightly scrappy beta card :sunglasses:


I’m guessing you’re looking for something more like this card,

from this post? Ironically asking Mondo to keep the coral card colour :grinning: it does look good though…

There’s a longer explanation for the choice of card color in that post too -


This is something i was pondering in . I think that a choice of colours to personalise your card is great. Iv had banks offer me several designs & colours . I’d like a Gold Momdo card. Something that says “Special” not a Normal Bank is Mondo & I feel it’s deserving of Gold , but also colours choices (within reason) for others who don’t like gold. Like
Platinim. My Credit Card is Platinum, & I do love The colour. This may not be high on the list but a feature I’d love too see introduced in the not too distant future :kissing_heart:

I didn’t like, or at least wasn’t too keen on, the Hot Coral colour at first but it’s certainly grown on me. It makes it stand out and I like that. Being a Man City supporter I wouldn’t mind a Sky Blue one really but the Hot Coral is the way

Yes Alex that card is dope!

I definitely love the idea that users can select their own colour from a selection of brand colours all with that lush geometric M on. Personally I’d go matte black/dark grey with a white out M. Sick.

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I still like the idea of cards being available with each of the four colours in the :mondo: logo. We’ve already got the hot coral neon version, just waiting for the other three to join in :nerd_face:

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That would be great!

Quick update, after a post from Tom today - unfortunately / fortunately, it looks like the color of the card isn’t changing anytime soon…


What hasn’t been ruled out is alternative colours. Really hoping we get a choice, as much as I do like the coral.

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I want the style that in the image above!!


The one above is a bit ‘first direct’ and I’ve already got one of those.

I love the colour, please make sure it stays!

Ahhhh the black card, a classic! I used to be with them. The rates used to be really good then fell off a cliff. I joined them in the late 90s then I moved to another online bank in which the same thing has happened. Notice a pattern? :slight_smile:

PS That card does look nice. It has my vote for sure.

Hey how do you get the card? I have been waiting for some time now

Well you need to sign up via (there’s a sign up button in the top right hand corner of the page). Then you’ll need to queue for about a week. Then, when you receive a notification that you’re at the top of the queue, load £100 onto your card & it’ll be sent to you 1st class.

When you say you’ve been waiting, which part of the process are you at, at the moment?

@Saul4jr Hey Saul, feel free to drop me a DM if you’re having any trouble with the sign up, or just need some pointers on what to do next :slightly_smiling_face: