The actual card

(Darryl) #1

I don’t like the colour of the card and there’s no sign of the graphic M that mondo want to keep? It doesn’t really match the app.

(MikeF) #2

The card is just for the testing period and thus is a temporary measure so I’d also guess it’s produced as cheaply as possible. The logo etc will be much more prominent on proper ‘bank’ cards I’d suspect.

(Tom ) #3

You’re in the minority my friend. #hotcoral4eva

(Darryl) #4

Hey it’s just a card thing. The cheap BETA thing explains it. The app however is awesome. Love it already.

(Alex Sherwood) #5

I don’t have any special access to the Mondo design team but I’m guessing that -

  • The colour’s not supposed to be aesthetically pleasing, it’s supposed to stand out. This is a start up and they’re trying to attract attention - smart. So I guess it’s a love hate thing, you either like that it’s so bold & you’ve got the upstart fintech company’s card or you don’t.

  • The card’s design will be more toned down, to suit a mass market when the new designs are issued. Although they might carry on the above approach for a while.

  • Hopefully you only have to wait about 6 months for that new design (when Mondo’s a fully authorised bank) & when they’re ready, I wouldn’t be surprised - given the level of engagement with users for every other aspect of the business - if beta users are asked to give feedback to help design that card.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the day when the new card design’s issued & I still have the slightly scrappy beta card :sunglasses:

(Alex Sherwood) #6

I’m guessing you’re looking for something more like this card,

from this post? Ironically asking Mondo to keep the coral card colour :grinning: it does look good though…

There’s a longer explanation for the choice of card color in that post too -

(Si) #7

This is something i was pondering in . I think that a choice of colours to personalise your card is great. Iv had banks offer me several designs & colours . I’d like a Gold Momdo card. Something that says “Special” not a Normal Bank is Mondo & I feel it’s deserving of Gold , but also colours choices (within reason) for others who don’t like gold. Like
Platinim. My Credit Card is Platinum, & I do love The colour. This may not be high on the list but a feature I’d love too see introduced in the not too distant future :kissing_heart:

(Nigel Laverick) #8

I didn’t like, or at least wasn’t too keen on, the Hot Coral colour at first but it’s certainly grown on me. It makes it stand out and I like that. Being a Man City supporter I wouldn’t mind a Sky Blue one really but the Hot Coral is the way

(Darryl) #9

Yes Alex that card is dope!

I definitely love the idea that users can select their own colour from a selection of brand colours all with that lush geometric M on. Personally I’d go matte black/dark grey with a white out M. Sick.

(Colin Robinson) #10

I still like the idea of cards being available with each of the four colours in the :mondo: logo. We’ve already got the hot coral neon version, just waiting for the other three to join in :nerd_face:


That would be great!

(Alex Sherwood) #12

Quick update, after a post from Tom today - unfortunately / fortunately, it looks like the color of the card isn’t changing anytime soon…


What hasn’t been ruled out is alternative colours. Really hoping we get a choice, as much as I do like the coral.

(Herp Derp) #14

I want the style that in the image above!!

(MikeF) #15

The one above is a bit ‘first direct’ and I’ve already got one of those.


I love the colour, please make sure it stays!

(Leon) #17

Ahhhh the black card, a classic! I used to be with them. The rates used to be really good then fell off a cliff. I joined them in the late 90s then I moved to another online bank in which the same thing has happened. Notice a pattern? :slight_smile:

PS That card does look nice. It has my vote for sure.

(Saul Padilla) #18

Hey how do you get the card? I have been waiting for some time now

(Alex Sherwood) #19

Well you need to sign up via (there’s a sign up button in the top right hand corner of the page). Then you’ll need to queue for about a week. Then, when you receive a notification that you’re at the top of the queue, load £100 onto your card & it’ll be sent to you 1st class.

When you say you’ve been waiting, which part of the process are you at, at the moment?

(Naji Esiri) #20

@Saul4jr Hey Saul, feel free to drop me a DM if you’re having any trouble with the sign up, or just need some pointers on what to do next :slightly_smiling_face: