Just a bit of feedback, not a bug or complaint. I think branding needs to be consistent to really show the power of such a great brand.

The “M” of the app is capital and contains four colours, where as the card is lower case and coral.

Just my thoughts on intensifying the brand image.

Interested in other people’s thoughts.

(Rika Raybould) #2

I’d actually be interested to hear the opinions of @hugo or anybody else from the design team on this.

I personally believe that the hot coral card (and the animated Hot Chip character) has accidentally become as much of a core part of Monzo’s branding as the :monzo: from the app icon, even if it doesn’t scientifically balance with the rest of the colour choices. The instant recognisability of a hot coral card at a distance and the comments it gets from staff in stores outweighs the merits of keeping the consistency to me. Hot coral makes a statement and breaks the branding rules while doing it, Hot Chip and emoji representing Monzo’s fun side of an otherwise serious modern bank.

As a related addition, under what conditions are the :monzo:, the monzo type, or the combination of the two used?

(Hugo Cornejo) #3

This is such a tricky problem and, to be honest, we’ve been consciously postponing it “until it becomes a problem” as we do with pretty much everything. This kind of stuff is typically easy enough to change or adjust when required.

So, yeah, it’s not very consistent but we’re ok with that for the time being :slight_smile:

(Kyle Monk) #4

Like the hot corral card, only issue i’ve had with it so far is that some waiters have presented the card machine to my girlfriend instead of me at the end of a meal, with a bit of awkwardness and ‘Oh, sorry, I just assumed as the card was pink.’ Funnily enough, the assumption on their part bothers my girlfriend more than it does me…!

(Johnny Ellwood) #5

Could be something to push out with the general public current account cards?

(Nick) #6

On the one hand, I understand where you’re coming from with the apparent brand inconsistency.

On the other hand, the hot coral card is a massive selling point. It’s the single most visible thing that says “we’re different from other banks” and catches people’s interest. Catch their interest first, then you can sell them on what Monzo is and how it works (source: me. I went from “woah, what’s that?” to “this could be useful for my needs”)

I am, therefore, very much in the camp that thinks the cards should still be hot coral after the current account roll-out. But I wonder how they’d look if, instead of having ‘monzo’ in white text, they had the :monzo: app logo. Perhaps that would be a way of tying things together without losing anything.

Regarding the issue Kylemonk had, I think that’s partially down to the pre-paid cards having no names on, and will be less of an issue when the current account cards are rolled out.

(Herp Derp) #7

Wouldn’t work as colour clash

(Nick) #8

Ahh, yes. I see. Thanks for the mock-up. And I guess if you just add the background to :monzo: to solve the colour clash it starts looking both visually a bit noisy and clumsily bodged. Perhaps a solid contrasting stripe across the top, enough to background the :monzo:, while still leaving the majority of the card hot coral?

(Colin Robinson) #9

:monzo: in a black circle the same size as the MasterCard circles aligned vertically?


Good idea. I think that will look good and smart .

(Herp Derp) #11

Like this?

(Henry Pedro) #12

dont like that, prefer the first version further up

(Mike) #13

A few cool designs from the other thread:

Shamelessly stealing his graphics but implementing a crudge monzo logo:

(Henry Pedro) #14

i can work with that


Like it. I agree the coral needs to stay.


Just to also add something here as well, when current accounts do launch, then Apple Pay will be added. And you know what that means? Many won’t actually get their card out of their wallet to pay.

Though I know some will (me being one, I’m sure) because to be totally honest I just never use it, but that may be because I use Monzo as my main payment type now, so it could change.

I do see where the OP is coming from though, it is a bit of a mashup and I can see why the point has been raised. It must be a nightmare for the designers, so hats off to @hugo and the gang for doing what they do best.

I’m excited to see how the final debit cards look :pray:

(James Billingham) #17

Actually thinking about that, it’d be really cool if the Apple Pay digital card image was customisable to some degree - e.g. choosing one of the four Monzo brand colours as the background


That is the cool thing about Curve. In the app you can change the colour of your card but it will recognise certain cards such as Monzo, Fidor, Handelsbanken etc and automatically show the right colour with the card branding overlaid :slight_smile:


Do you still use curve? I haven’t used it much since they dropped Amex.


I started using it after Amex dropped them. As I use Halfords a lot and they one of the retailers that Curve give you credit for