Introducing... The Monzo Business Card! 💳

Hey everyone :wave:

Introducing… the Monzo Business card design! We’re very excited to show it to you :heart_eyes:

The card will have a Hot Coral core, meaning that the edges, if you look at the card from an angle, will be our signature Hot Coral.

This is a very early design, which we’re currently testing with Mastercard and our card suppliers - so it’s possible we could tweak it over time.

If you’re one of our first 100 businesses - it’s not available just yet, and probably won’t be for a month or two, but we’ll let you know when you can get your hands on one!

So, what do you think? We’d love to hear it :heart:


Nice! I like the colour


Great - grown up with nice touch of the original hot coral. Look forward to getting one.


The name and business made me laugh out loud :joy:

The card looks fantastic, easily distinguishable from other cards one may have, and still with a touch of Monzo flair.


That looks fantastic! The silver looks great, I hope to see one in person some day :smiley:

Design looks mega clean without the 16-Digit PAN! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good point - does this mean anything or was it just missed off the design mock up?


Looks far more tasteful to me than the regular card. Keeping just the core as coral is a nice touch to maintain the branding without being garish.

Maybe it wouldn’t work, but I’d love to see a version with the account name vertically centre alligned with the MC logo.


The PAN will still be on the front, we just didn’t add any card numbers to this design example :eyes:


Will Monzo business accounts have a different BIN, what with them being business debit cards…?

Oh. The picture is a bit misleading then. It’s telling that you chose to omit these from the mockup, since they make it much uglier (in particular the misaligned expiry date is awful). It’d be nice if Monzo could sort that out and move the numbers to the back. It looks so nice without the numbers.

Is the colour silver or grey? I think midnight black with coral core would be great too.


I’d guess that production wise/cost wise it will be the same layout as current cards, just a different card stock and transfer applied.

Changing the layout for cards would presumably then be an all or nothing approach to keep costs down (for now?).

Sounds great to me. I’d love to get rid of those clunky numbers on my personal card too.

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Where’s the coral that people are referring to? (Note I’m colour blind so maybe obvious to others but not me). What colour is the card supposed to be - looks grey to me in this shot?

Looking forward to being able to distinguish between cards though. And also thinking of a rebrand having seen the name and business name!

Edit. I’ve now read the post so yes, hot coral core!

Sounds expensive to me, I’d rather Monzo spent money on developing other things that add value, rather than something cosmetic?

Very nice!

Sooooooo when I can I move my business over to Monzo…?


You’re right, they will! :eyes:

Would be nice to get joint accounts a different colour as well


Many banks have different styles of cards, this is not unusual or expensive. Edit to avoid derailing this thread about the design - they don’t need to reissue cards - designs change all the time (for new cards). Losing embossing would probably save money and look an awful lot nicer plus give them full control.

As to your assertion that aesthetics doesn’t add value :roll_eyes:

I didn’t say it was unusual. But it is certainly expensive to produce new cards given how they are manufactured.

Typically these will be die cut into shape from the coloured stock, then stamped with the embossed numbers etc. That requires a press and template to be configured and set up etc. Cost must be… tens of thousands to change to a new design (given they already have one setup) for the current layout)?

Money that I think could be better spent elsewhere, in the app.

And please re-read my comment I did not assert anything of the sort about aesthetics. I simply stated a personal preference than Monzo defer making cosmetic changes to a card and instead spend their capital on other items in their long to do list. It ALL costs money after all, and for now I personally believe that new cards are not THE most important thing.

And I’m very aware that aesthetics hold value, I’ve got a lot of Apple kit for that very reason… :money_mouth_face:

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