Optional matte black card for investors

Can it be done

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I doubt it seeing as Hot Coral is part of Monzos brand.


Business cards should be black with hot coral writing IMO.


Yeah I can’t see business cards being hot coral.

Hot Coral is a great colour but in my opinion, seeing as the Monzo logo is multicoloured there is scope for alternative coloured cards for different purposes.

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I think the colour is key branding for Monzo.

There was a design on the forum somewhere that was black and hot coral that I quite liked if you search for it or someone can post it?

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We explore this idea of alternate colours on and off. Nothing concrete though, or you’d know.


I think a selection of ‘hot’ colours and a black would be great. Regardless of account type. I dislike the idea of specific colours for specific accounts - this way, if you wanted, you choose the colour to differentiate.

I’d be happy to pay a one off fee for different colours with hot coral being a free option as I imagine providing a bigger variety of colours would increase the cost somewhat.


Yes that’d be nice. I’d pay extra to have a choice and they could leave the default as hot coral.

I do really dislike the idea of near identical cards for different purposes - far too easy to get them mixed up.


Hot Coral is Monzo, it’s what drew me in the first place and you always get people asking what is that card.

No ones ever asked me about my Santander debt card :man_shrugging:


It was mobile only banking, plus budgeting tools that pulled me in, not the card. Quite frankly, most of the time I don’t want to be asked about my card, I just want to pay for my stuff and move along :smiley:

You can still keep hot coral on the card somewhere, such as the text. I think I recall seeing a design somewhere on these forums at one point which was a black card with the “monzo” text in hot coral, which I really liked the look of. (I may be imagining that, I can’t seem to find it)

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Um I could live with not being asked about my bank card.


I’m not saying I enjoy being asked or want people to ask about my card. I’m saying from Monzos perspective it’s free advertising when it catches peoples eye, so why would they favour scrapping Hot Coral.

I’m also not saying I chose Monzo purely as I wanted a Hot Coral Card. I’m saying I was one of those people who thought wonder what that brightly coloured card that person has is followed by a Google and from there discovering the benefits. It’s free and effective self advertisement.


Asking someone about their card was how I found out about Monzo.
I’m sure I probably would have found Monzo eventually but its still a good way to spread the word IMO.

I have to agree though, I think the business cards should have a more subtle design that looks professional. Maybe a black to hot coral gradient type of thing would be cool.


A lot of customers are happy with hot coral… but let customers choose card colour…
I would pay reasonable amount just for colour…

How much would you class as a reasonable amount?

£30-£50 per year without any benefits… colour only

love the idea of an option for investors/subscription accounts to get a matte black with a coral detail…

front and back matte, the sides of the card and the M in the coral then onzo in black gloss against the matte?

Adds an extra layer to the intrigue of such a distinct brand


I think everyone knows, including Monzo, that black cards look best and are always reserved for paid services etc. I’ve zero doubt a black card will arrive regardless of branding but it won’t be available to most


I would like metal image

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