Monzo in the media

Here’s Tom’s comments on the Watchdog accusations.

The BBC came to use with a large number of cases and, without crossing the line and tipping off, I’m very confident with the decisions we’re making here.


Another snippet from the same episode, which you can now listen to in full.

Honestly in 95% of cases it is an absolute slam dunk that this is a criminal. And they come up with heartbreaking stories, “I can’t feed my children, I’m going to be made homeless, you’ve done this to me” and I’m sitting there looking at the police reports explaining exactly where the money’s come from, going this is totally incongruous."


Just wanted to highlight it from the article above

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already being discussed here

Wonder what’s been changed in this Telegraph article since it was first posted?

Has a byline and date of today, but the URL gives away it was published previously (as does the fact Discourse warns me the link has already been posted in October).

Don’t think he was “groggy on painkillers” last time

I don’t have access to read the full article but from the first few paragraphs before the paywall kicks in


Was changed to this:

Sadly he is still “groggy on painkillers” in both versions :laughing:


If anyone wants to catch up on the Telegraph’s extensive Monzo coverage of late they’ve taken down their paywall for a limited time:


Interesting, “Monzo wants higher, not lower, staff turnover”:

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Already covered here:

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Today’s Telegraph article on Monzo & Revolut suggests they have the competitive advantage against Google. Amazing statement there and even more so that it is from the Telegraph who have been bashing Monzo for months.

Also in that article, Revolut’s $10bn rumoured future valuation has been reported again as a fact (second time that I recall). I wonder if this is fintech’s worst kept secret or if they are incorrectly reporting a rumour as fact?

iOS App of the day today.

Can’t remember the statistics, but there’s usually a massive increase in downloads when Apple give you the App of the day!


How many times has Monzo been iOS app of the day now? :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle: It has been before yeah? :persevere::thinking:


However many times Monzo have paid them to be there? Is that how it works?

Don’t think so because companies normally say how pleased or shocked they are. Not sure you’d be pleased or shocked if you paid for it

No, you cannot pay Apple to be featured. As far as I understand it, Apple will use a combination of factors to assess different apps and decide which to promote:

  1. Number and recency of downloads
  2. App Store feedback and ratings
  3. The design of the app
  4. How innovative the app is, and the extent to which it leverages iOS features
  5. Whether it’s timely to do so (for example, the Wimbledon app is often promoted early July, during the championships, other apps are promoted during Christmas, etc)

In addition to this, if a company has a large media campaign planned, and is good at keeping Apple’s marketing team informed about it, Apple may choose to feature the app to coincide with the campaign.


@tom is on Radio 4’s Money Box ( today talking about fraud.

He seems - quite reasonably - unhappy that banks may have to share the cost of fraud equally between them, when certain banks (Monzo) have worked hard to reduce fraud and have much lower fraud losses than some of the high street banks.


Tom Foster-Carter to leave Monzo:

This is probably a good example of the stuff behind this thread:

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