Monzo and uber

Booked a cab and it said between 6-9 pounds…
As soon as I booked it 9 pounds was taken of monzo.
Got email saying cab was only 5 pounds after as as an invoice
Where is the remaining money gone?
The driver was surprised when I told him I was charged 9 pounds even before dropping me…

Uber has started to pre authorise cards in advance of the car arriving. Before they’d only do an active card check.

If the Uber was only £6 then that is what you’ll get charged, but it’s up to Uber to amend their £9 authorisation to £6.

It’ll either change soonish, or they’ll charge a separate £6 and the £9 pending authorisation will disappear usually within 7 days.

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Last year when I use to use my Lloyd’s account it never happened

Uber has only introduced this recently. I think I spotted it for the first time around 4-5 months ago. Before that it was only an active card check. Now Uber charges me the estimated fair upfront, before the cab arrives.

Also: this is happening to me on other cards, not just Monzo. This is 100% an Uber feature.


This is because Monzo deducts authorisations straight away so you know how much you have spent. Lloyds takes longer due to its old systems, so can’t. Its a trade off for accurate bills. You will get it back.


Weird as I’ve never been charged this and I used Uber on Monday




I always use Apple pay and it holds £1 and then as soon as the trip is completed it immediately adjusts to the total amount for the trip

I’ve only ever been charged up front when I’ve got an Uber Pool and I use my Monzo with Uber all the time.

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I get charged upfront now. It’s never been less than the upfront cost though.


Uber started to charge me up front for past couple of months now. Before that it was always after the journey had been completed and a final fare was shown.
For me transection automatically gets updated in less than two days usually to the correct fare.


Curious. I have used Uber with Monzo a couple of times this week and all I saw was the active card check. So mileage varies

I did a switch of cards last week after a trip (forgot to select work Amex) and they sorted it all in a few minutes refunding onto Monzo. They’ve got some pretty decent modern payment system from what I have seen

What has any of this got to do with Monzo?

Do be aware that Uber’s billing practices differ by region and how much they trust you as a user, among other things. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well in that case I must be amazing then as I never see a pre auth or anything just the charge :sunglasses:


I was recently charged up front for a lime scooter rental (it’s usually so many pence per mile calculated at the end of your trip), The difference was refunded a hour or so later. This was in Portugal.

I wish companies got to grips with updating existing pre authorisations properly. I mean is it really that difficult :sweat_smile:

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The thing is I use to have uber thru Lloyd’s before and I use to get charged the exact price 2 days later…
Since I switched to monzo I am getting charged the max rate when the drop off rate is half of it

It’s just a coincidence that you swapped to Monzo while Uber changed how they charge you. I can see how it may seem like the issue is Monzo.


I have no idea buddy…I have used uber loads of times…never had any problems…then recently updated monzo as my main account with uber and I am getting charged max fare…

It’s just an pre authorisation so it will only be the correct fare you have to pay in the end