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I’ve just linked my Monzo card with UBER, and can see below the logo “Active card check” on clicking on it, it appears to be a note or am I missing something?

Could someone explain what it is?


Edit thanks for the replies guys

(Oliver Ford) #3

It’s just Uber checking that the card you’ve entered is active - i.e. you entered the details correctly.

(Jonathon) #4

You’ll find a lot of companies do this when you add your card - iTunes will, for example.

(Rika Raybould) #5

Active card checks are done by most online merchants to confirm that your card is working, the security details are correct, and in some cases that the billing address matches.

If this check was expected (you adding your card to a service), there is nothing you need to do. It is purely for your information. :+1:

Many merchants will do it very slightly differently by taking and then later refunding around £1–2.

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Tangentially, I wish Monzo tied these together and labelled them as such. Especially TfL…

(Alex Sherwood) #7

That’s been raised here (& in Refund Allocation 2) -

(Rika Raybould) #8

This is something we may take a look at once things calm down in other areas.

The problem is that those charges are indistinguishable from a regular charge except by amount (TfL is always 10p, iTunes is always £1.58, Tesco PayQuiq is £2, etc.).

One of the things I would love for us to do is to see if we can be more intelligent about when AVS checks happen by letting you know know about it at some point before you get to support.

(Colin Robinson) #9

Or even less:

(Oliver Ford) #10

It’s also an amount that is then promptly refunded.

In the case of TfL though I believe it’s not refunded but deducted from the following day’s charge? It’s already detected and a note added, I just wish the 10p items were folded up into the actual charge the following day. (It’s not, it is refunded, I just checked.)

(Rika Raybould) #11

I wish this was the case. :weary:

TfL 10p charges should be updated in-place in most cases.

(Oliver Ford) #12

What I mean is, I get a -0.10 that’s noted “Active card check”, and then a +0.10 - two separate feed items.

Ideally I’d prefer “Active card check 0.00 :arrow_down_small:” that on click drops down to show the +/- 0.10. (I also think this would be great for refunds in general.)

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