Pre Authorisation in the USA

(Martin Robertson) #1

Used Monzo tonight in Vegas. Pre Authorisation on card to leave a tab open.
So the original transaction shows just over $20, then the second is $11. But, the bill was wrong as we had some offers at the bar which made the total, including tip $23.
Only the original 2 transactions are showing.
Should I expect it to take a while to credit then re debit the right amount or is the issue with the bar we were at?

(Andrew Ross) #2

I’d give it a day or before checking back with the bar. Refunds often take a little longer in my experience.

(Stu Smith) #3

If the transaction was a pre-auth and then closed at a different amount, the amount within Monzo will change once the transaction is no longer ‘pending’ (which will show at the very bottom of the transaction info if it is). I had the same with an online grocery shop where items were missing so the actual final bill was different than the pre-auth and it took 2-3 days and changed. :sunglasses: