Uber payments

Hi all - sorry to be back so soon with another question… used my Monzo for Uber yesterday - all went through but the payment hasn’t posted on my account so my card balance is in fact misleading.

I realise this is out of Monzo control but does anyone have any idea of how long it takes for the payment to post?

Thanks :slight_smile:

If Uber hasn’t put through an authorisation message to Monzo then I’m going to say it’ll take up to three banking days for them to attempt to collect money based on the general experience of friends.

If it’s any longer, have a chat with Monzo support using the in-app chat but there’s little that can be done until Uber’s payment systems decide to charge you.

Surprised you can you Uber as they blocked my card the other month after nearly a year using them and I know a few people on here can’t use them either.

I’m in the group of not being able to use my card on Uber, it gets rejected every time.

Uber works perfectly well for me - no issues whatsoever. I get the authorisation when booking the ride and then charged shortly after (can take up to a day or so).

Another +1 for Uber working for me on prepaid, but I’m sad to say I’ve had many chats through Support with people whose cards don’t work. It’s a really frustrating one because there’s nothing we can do about it.

Still - current account isn’t far off! In fact, I might just switch my Uber to my current account as a pre-emptive strike #humblebrag :wink:


My Uber account is now always getting blocked and as such I have reverted back to my local company who have the same tech as Uber, dropped their prices and are now a lot cheaper on local runs… £8 (variable) vs £5.40 (fixed)

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tease! where’s the dislike button when you need it! :wink:


Update - we are now Tuesday and the rides took place last Thursday and still no charge :frowning:

The main frustration is having to mentally account for these transactions in my available balance - it makes it look like I have more money than I do!!!