Uber on Monzo

(Gareth Lewis-Jones) #1

Whenever I use uber, as soon as I order a cab, £1 is taken out of my monzo account. When the ride is completed, another transaction (i.e. the expected full amount for the ride) comes out of the account. Then, anything after one hour, to 72 hours, I’ll receive a £1 refund from uber…

Why is this happening? I use my PayPal account (which is linked to my monzo account) for paying for uber. I don’t have this problem with any other transactions made with PayPal. When I check my PayPal account, there isn’t a £1 deduction and refund occurring… any ideas??

(Simon Turp) #2

That is down to Uber, they hold a £1 authorisation charge to ensure your card is still valid. The authorisation is released after the ride, however this takes some time to take effect depending on their payment processor.

(Alex Sherwood) #3

The same process is happening when you use PayPay with Uber but since Monzo shows you authorisations & not just settled transactions (whereas PayPal only show you the latter), you don’t see this process taking place in your PayPal account.

There’s more details on the difference between authorised & settled transactions here -

(Gareth Lewis-Jones) #4

Thanks for th expalanation guys! Makes sense now. Had the same thing hapen when buying something from Amazon’s Prime Now service, and was wondering what was going on. At least now I know to expect that

(Alex Sherwood) #5

Amazon’s slightly different actually, as they don’t charge your card until they ship your order. That’s pretty cool because when you get the Monzo notification, you know the delivery’s on it’s way but it does make it a little bit more difficult to manage your balance.

I raised this issue & suggested a solution here but it’s a tricky one to solve -