Uber authorisation hold -20days no refund

I got an Uber and in the middle of the journey I changed destination. The fare came to £52. I was charged £52 and £32. I questioned Uber about this and they said the £32 was an authorisation hold made at the start of the journey. They said it should ‘fall off’ my account after 7 days. It’s went almost 20 days and the transaction has still not disappeared. I’ve tried numerous times to contact Monzo however I just get cut off after 5 minutes waiting. Anyone know how I can get this transaction back? Thanks

Contact Monzo through the app, also depending on how many transactions have passed, there is an option to query a transaction directly .

Nobody on here can help more than that, sorry.

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Tap on the transaction in the app, and at the bottom there should be ‘Something wrong? Get help’ in red text. Tap that.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work. When I click on the payment I get two choices, report fraud, and ‘question this payment’. When I click question this payment, I get

It’s all very frustrating.

Ouch, sorry to hear that. The other way to contact them in the app would be to tap ‘Help?’ (bottom right of screen) and type ‘contacting support’ in the search box. There will be a link to ‘chat with us’ in the article.

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I had the same happen to me a while back. I managed to contact Monzo in app, but they refused to do anything. The authorisation was reversed eventually, but it took about a month, I think.

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I believe 30 days is the quoted time period for these. You’d hope Uber would cancel them rather than take the lazy option like this :frowning:

This is a bit curious as, while making no other statements as to Uber’s qualities, their payment system seems pretty modern. I see immediate refunds and the ability to do pretty much instant transfer to another card was a good one

Finally managed to get through to Monzo. Was dealt with very quickly by the person I spoke with. They refunded/cancelled the transaction instantly(this was possible because apparently the transaction stays pending).

Thanks for your help


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