Monzo and McDonald's App

“I am unhappy this report wasn’t passed on to the 3DSecure team for further investigation.”?


I didn’t use that many words :joy:

You can solve this! The problem is that the McDonalds app uses a weird link that the Monzo app thinks is a Monzo link, so it attempts to open it with the app, this then fails and causes this loop you’re seeing.

There’s an easy fix!

  1. Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Monzo
  2. Press Advanced at the bottom
  3. Open by default > Open supported links > Ask every time / Don’t allow

Then when checking out on the McDonalds app, click “no” (don’t open with Monzo app) if you selected Ask every time above. If you selected don’t allow, it’ll continue the checkout process as normal.

Hope this helps!



Card successfully added.

It’s a slower process, but IT WORKS! :raised_hands:

Thank you.


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Another site with a 3D secure issue.
Tried to buy tickets from, 3D secure is requested during the payment.

I went to the Monzo app to approve the transaction as usual, then back on the website nothing happens, it’s still telling me to open the Monzo app to approve the transaction. Tried it two times from my phone (Android/Note 20/Brave & Chrome) with the same results, so tried from my laptop instead (macOS/Firefox) and the approval flow worked.

A little while later I got a notification through and feed item saying that one of the three payment attempts was declined because I didn’t approve it in time.

Would be interesting to hear whether the other people with 3DS issues are also only having them on mobile?

I only use my Monzo card via mobile apps.

Never used for online transactions.

How do you do 3DS on Monzo without using mobile?

Not really sure where the confusion is, but when you’re using a desktop / laptop / tablet etc the merchant website will come up with a screen telling you to open the Monzo app on your phone to approve the transaction during the payment process.

The distinction is between accessing a web on the computer, and using a merchant’s app on a phone (‘on mobile’).

This is separate from using the Monzo app on your phone to authenticate the resulting 3DSecure flow.

Using a computer (so not ‘on mobile’) won’t result in any funny business with the merchant’s app breaking the flow through the wrong app trying to open the wrong links, as what the solution above suggests might be the case for the McDonalds app.

Yep same issue here

Yip same.

There should be an update in the Play store to fix this now.

There should be.

BUT as far as I can tell, there isn’t.