Burger King not accepting

Hi all,

At a Burger King today, whipped out my card to pay and was told by the cashier they don’t accept Monzo.
Now I’m no stranger to a BK and have certainly used it at different branches before so tried it anyway.

Sure enough it declined.

The manager happened to be at hand and said they’d been told they weren’t able to accept Monzo at the moment but couldn’t offer more detail.

Anyone come across the same recently?

First report I’ve heard. Best to start an in app chat and they can investigate

Could have been a franchise

Did the decline appear in the app, or only at the POS terminal?

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How bizarre as others have asked did it decline just by the POS terminal or via the app as well as it should be accepted in most branches if not all either way message Monzo and let them investigate.

Hi Nick,

Tried it 4 times in total, first two were inserted into reader, showed as declined in app the second time. The reader then prompted to swipe which also showed as declined in the app and froze the card. I tried one last time after unfreezing the card and it declined (visible in the app) again.

There was more than enough in the account to cover the transaction of course.

Will start an in app chat and see what the issue was


Since it’s showing in the app it means COps will be able to see a decline reason so :crossed_fingers: it’s an one off with that branch


did you tired paying by googlepay/applepay?

Just been, all fine and dandy

What store was it? BK are a client so I can rub it by their head office easily.

They have an off franchise setup, they directly run a lot of branches but those run by other franchisees all have their own policies on everything.

It was a franchise in a Haven Holiday Park I think after a bit of digging (not on Holiday, just fancied a BK and that was the closest :wink: )

After speaking to support it seems it must have been an issue at the merchant side, nothing they can trace from Monzo and there was no issue with the account. Thankfully my wife was there to pay with her Santander card. The first time I’ve been stranded unable to make a purchase with Monzo in nearly 3 years but I’m sure it’s just an isolated incident.