Problems with online transactions

So to start with I have been trying to register my Monzo Mastercard here in the UK to work in the Amazon app so that I can shop in my new Amazon Fresh shop. However every-time I try to add it I get their was a problem we were unable to set this card as your default. Please try another card. Amazon support have been usless.

I suspect it is something to do with the active card checks not working correctly.
As today I am trying to buy something else online when I get to the checkout it tells me to approve the transaction in the Monzo app first ( which has always worked before and I haven’t changed my PIN).

I enter the PIN but then the website of the provider just hangs. I noticed after a couple of minutes I got a pop up on my iPhone saying " You didn’t approve a payment of £**** at xxx in time. When clearly I did ? what is going on?

Also in the Monzo app it used to be very easy to reach out to customer services …now it is nearly as hard to contact Monzo support as it is to contact Microsoft support.

Hi. Welcome.

There appears to be a 3D secure issue as this is the 3rd or 4th thread in the last week.

@AlanDoe, is this something you can feedback/look into please?


I can’t find it but didn’t someone post the solution in another thread? Something to do with changing an app permission or something?

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It was a problem with Brave browser …fixed now thanks guys…


I just had the same problem with disney+. You fill in the details, you get a notification on the phone to approve the transaction, you do so and the transaction instantly vanishes and the web page remains on ‘Open your Monzo app to approve this payment’ forever.

Then a few minutes later you get ‘you didn’t approve this payment in time’ on the phone.

Something is definitely broken…

Edit: Worked if I use MSIE. Broken in Chrome/Windows… reminds me my wife had trouble paying for the shopping last week and we blamed Asda but could be the same bug.

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I had problems with Asda last week but after 4 attempts I changed the delivery slot and it worked. I put it down to a problem with the slot but if you had the same maybe it wasn’t

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I had the same yesterday with an online purchase with Microsoft. MS website informed to use the Monzo app to approve. Monzo notification arrived immediately and ‘Approve’ tapped on, and the notification vanished. But the MS website hung at the approval stage. I’ve seen delays at this stage before of 5-10 seconds, so I left it. 10 minutes later, the MS website hadn’t changed and the Monzo app showed no transaction made. So I refreshed the MS website and tried again.

It took 4 attempts before something different happened - the MS site flashed the approval and then confirmed the purchase had been made - seemingly without needing to approve via the Monzo app. Monzo then also displayed the payment had been made. Then I got 4 further Monzo app notifications to approve, each of which I declined, because I’d just paid for what I wanted.

I’m guessing there is a major ‘Approval process delay’ between the involved parties at play here and not necessarily based on any user browser settings.

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Would strongly recommend that people DON’T use this browser.

I couldn’t trust a browser created by a team that ever thought that was a good idea. What further brainwaves might they have?

Firefox is the best option for those looking for an alternative browser.

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Yeah I just carry around another device just in case my Monzo app decides to misbehave 🤦


3.92.1 just released for Android - maybe a fix for this issue?

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Yup, my understanding is that’s the hotfix :+1:


Ok I do work in IT and had been using FireFox but it had very annoying cookies issue whereby I have to keep logging back into sites on my Mac and as it keeps auto clearing or corrupting the cookies. I also use Bitwarden and wanted to use Touch ID which only works with a Chromium based browser…obviously I don’t use Chrome. I will go back to Firefox thanks …

I can confirm the Amazon Fresh issue is still not resolved!

I just bought my train :steam_locomotive: tickets for tomorrow.
Done it through the GWR :android: app using my virtual :monzo: card and payment went very smoothly, as usual :blush::+1:t2: