Card accepted once, rejected the next day


Hi all,

Been using mondo for about a week now and have had generally good experiences, but I went to McDonalds last night and found that my card was “rejected by the bank” according to the clerk behind the counter. It wasn’t a big deal as I was able to pay with my other card, but it’s strange because I used the same card at the same McDonalds earlier in the week and it worked fine. There was more than enough money on the card for the transaction to clear, so I am not sure what happened. Has anyone experienced this/do you have any advice on how to avoid it from happening in the future?


(Rob) #2

I experienced a decline in a McDonalds last week, but I learned afterward that Wirecard - the card issuer of the :mondo: card - had a system problem for about one hour. I believe all :mondo: card transactions (in an electronic terminal) require authorisation. So your experience last night could simple be down to a technical glitch anywhere between McDonalds, their bank, Wirecard, and Mondo. Many cards will fall back to ‘off-line’ mode, but :mondo: doesn’t - and that’s what helps ensure you get those nice little emoji notifications each time you use your card, and what helps keep your transaction feed bang up to date.


Thanks everyone, that was really helpful! I have subscribed to the status updates as well. Seems critical.