Monzo account login help

I made a Monzo a few days ago, got my card and logged out of my account because it seemed someone has gotten access through email , tried to get it back and then panicked, kept trying to login said no account with that email and then it told me to make an account, now every time I use my email it gives the option to make a new account when I don’t want to and can’t because my “number is already in use” I just want to be able to log into my account

Hi. Lots to unpick here so going to do these one by one.

Do you know the email address that you definitely signed up with?

Go here -

Type in that email, do you get an email with a link to sign in?

What makes you think that?

I received a lot of login emails and then about an hour later I couldn’t login to my own account

I got a link, but it says there’s no account under that email

Did anyone else have access to your phone or your email account?

I don’t think so, bit I clicked on a few of the links so I’m not sure if that did something

No, that’s not how it works.

You either get an email or you don’t.

Put in an email and you get this…


then the email either gets to you or it doesn’t.

When you clicked on the link in the ‘magic link’ emails, was it on the same phone/device as the Monzo app was installed?

I accidentally started the process of making an account under that email because I thought it would
Log me in, that might be why

Yeah it was

Your initial email address (and phone number) are already tied to your first account. You’ve then tried to create a second account with the same email, so that won’t work.

But how many email addresses are involved here? If it is really only one, there’s an issue because the ‘No account found’ error is being displayed.

Only one

Did you tap on ‘Close account’ in Settings at any stage after setting up the account?


Assuming you have been verified during the initial registration process (likely - as you state you’ve received a card), please can you start from scratch to remove any variables & unknowns by following the steps in the 4th section of this post (‘If the permissions, camera, sound and online access are OK and you still cannot login to the Monzo App:’)?: