Logged out

I have been trying to sign in to my Monzo account, but the magic link they sent me doesn’t work. I keep being told that I am not using the most recent link even though I know I am. I have seen various “solutions” on other threads and nothing has worked, not even deleting all my emails and reinstalling the app. Does anyone else have any solutions I could try?

Are you sure it’s the email address that you used to sign up to your account with? It couldn’t possibly be a different email address?

Hi Tracey & welcome :wave:

Are you on iOS?
Have you recently changed (iOS) devices and restored the Monzo app/data from a previous backup?

Can you (using a browser on a tablet/laptop/desktop) log in to https://web.monzo.com, follow the instructions to receive a magic link via email, click on the button in the magic link email and access the basic features of your account using the limited web interface?

Thanks for the feed back it has today corrected itself, don’t know what the problem was but I was doing everything correctly


Thanks for the update & good to hear you’re working again :smile: