Can't login - request to create a new account

Hi guys,

i’ve been using Monzo for over a year now with my gmail address and it’s been few weeks that I can’t even log in and it’s asking me to create a new account.

When i tried to login with my current gmail address they couldn’t find my account.

Can you please have a look as it’s very strange - specially i had some money on my account and I can’t access there anymore.

thank you


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Hi @Ladyhawke4 :wave:

Have you double checked it’s definitely the correct email address you used to sign up to :monzo:? If so then email and they will get you up and running. There’s also a phone number on the back of your card if it’s urgent.

Unfortunately owing to the nature of the forum help on this kind of issue is limited since Monzo can’t access your account information until validating you’re lidentify which is done via email/phone


Hi, Yes it’s definitely my correct address email. I’ll email them. Thanks a lot

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