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This morning I went onto the app and had to add an email address in order to sign in. Since then the app has been crashing, or the few times Ian aged to open it, it either opened for a few seconds them crashed, opened but missing some features on the some of the tabs e.g spending detail and additionally gives a pop up error message asking me to try again. I have updated my phone security and apps and reinstalled Monzo but still having issues. Any ideas?

Was this morning the first time you have opened the Monzo app or have you used it on the same device previously?

No. I use it all the time but this morning was the first time it has ever asked me to add an email address to sign in and I could not get into the app without adding an address which I then had to use to sign with a link sent to that email address. When I reinstalled the app it asked for email again but now just crashes.

OK, so you can receive the magic link which is good.

  1. Uninnstall the app (important)
  2. Download and install the app again on your phone
  3. Run the Monzo app, it will ask you for an email address
  4. Enter the same email address you used to initially join Monzo - the app will then send a magic link to that email address
  5. Using your phone’s email client to access your email (the same email used initially to sign up with Monzo), look for the very latest email from Monzo with a Magic Link and then follow the instructions in that email (it will have a box to tap on)
  6. Once tapped on, the Monzo app will open and login to your account - and should work from this point unless you log out of the app

If the above does not work, please let me know where it fails.


@MavisM did it work? Are you now Monzo-functional? :smile:

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Thanks David, yes. All fully restored…weird because I had done a reinstall before I messaged you guys and that hadn’t done anything but now all is good!! Thank you! :laughing:


Thanks for the update & it’s good to hear you are all Monzo’d up again :monzo: :smile::+1:

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