Monzo 1 - Revolut 0: please AVOID REVOLUT AT ALL COSTS

(Ben) #1

So, after having been with Monzo for a year I wanted to try Revolut. I even did the expensive Premium Service (6.99 / month) because anyway on Revolut you have to pay 5£ to get a card (yes, really)!

So, being all happy about this I have ordered a new Revolut card. After three weeks: Never arrived. So, I have ordered a second card. This one arrived late but guess what? With someone else’s name on it!!! Are we joking??? So, i tried to order a new card on the app (thinking oh well, I will destroy this one and that’s it). But guess what again? The app says I have ordered too many cards!!

So I have contacted the PREMIUM chat service. Monzo normal service people reply after a few minutes. This guys made me wait for FIFTEEN minutes without a reply. And when he started writing to me, obviously, he was busy with tens of chats and would write a sentence every 6 or 7 minutes.

Then he eventually said: “We are aware of this issue and the relevant team is working to resolve it as soon as possible”. This means it’s not just this one card! They are sending cards randomly across the country! Please BE VERY VERY CAREFUL IN ORDERING CARDS! Actually: AVOID REVOLUT AT ALL COSTS.

But it’s not over: The chat advisor suggested: Please destroy that card and order a new one. What??? Did this guy read at all that the app won’t allow me to order a new card? And I have wasted premium money for a month - will they refund me at all? Apparently not. The chat ended with him saying: I had made the request. I have asked whether the card will arrive and whether they will refund me. Total silence - no answer. Not even Rita to offer solace with her comical parody of a bot.

They weren’t able to unlock the app (now locked saying I couldn’t ask any more cards, while none was received yet) and didn’t provide a refund for the wasted first month of premium service. And will I receive a new card? Oh well… who knows? Maybe yes or maybe not - there is no way of checking where the card is at anyway.



Revolut Monzo 1-0

great write up, and it corroborates other reports I have heard.

(Peter Roberts) #3

I wouldn’t trust them with serious usage - something about them feels dodgy to me :man_shrugging:

(Eve) #4

What an actual nightmare :flushed: I tried Revolut but the moment I saw you have to pay for the premium service to unlock a bunch of features other fintech banks already have I see no reason why I should use it over Monzo/ Starling if I don’t need to hold multiple currencies :woman_shrugging:t2: their customer service is awful and their tone on social media even worse :flushed: if you go on Twitter it’s just people asking them where their money is haha


A bad experience always gets maximum publicity and rightly so. I sincerely hope Revolut resolves the situation to your full satisfaction.

My experience over a couple of months using them has been entirely positive. About 70 pos transactions in various currencies and several transfers both in and out in different currencies without an hiccup.

Just wanted to add my experience of being a Revolut customer.


My wife is in Spain as we speak using her Revolut Card with absolutely no issues

I’ve transferred money across to my sister in France with no issues

I have bought and sold bitcoins with no issues

But I am now very cautious as I keep reading about horror stories on the Monzo site


Yeah, I have pretty terrible experience with Revolut as well. Reported either here on Revolut’s forum, not sure. I would never trust them anymore, which is a big shame, since I think their product would be great, if executed well.


What’s the alternative that offers the same sort of rate


Sadly, I’m not aware of anyone else. Which is why I’d really like to like them, but after my experiences with them, I have decided to not use them anymore. For example, I rather pay my 1% or so fee to transferwise, than use revolut.

(Simon B) #10

I have very little personal experience with Revolut, but their community appears to be dominated by customer support queries, which suggests that their actual customer support facility isn’t very effective.

(Herp Derp) #11

So I’ll give this a miss then

(Alex Sherwood) #12

Wait - so you’re not a crypto millionaire who now spends their days trolling to avoid boredom? :open_mouth:

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I don’t troll :eyes:

Where is Apple Pay? Trollol

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This made me lol

(Geoff Pascoe) #16

I’ve never had a major problem with Revolut, but something about them just makes me not trust them. I’ve found their customer support to have a similar response time to Monzo, but where the Monzo agents seem to know their stuff and be able to help, Revolut’s are pretty useless.

I now use my Revolut card mostly to withdraw cash from foreign ATMs once my Monzo allowance runs out, and to pay for things online in foreign currencies. When I need to transfer a significant sum of money between countries, I use transferwise - I’m happy to pay the small fee for the peace of mind of using a company I trust.

Revolut Monzo 1-0
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(Kolok) #18

I personally have had a decent experience with them, I don’t have premium, and I have two cards on my account which I got for free (one visa and one MasterCard) which is very useful.

They did have issues with their processor but haven’t had recently afaik ,

I transferred 1000$ with them before I heard all these stories about them but it went fine, now I’m not sure I would trust them with that much money.

(Herp Derp) #19

Sucks to be this guy


I’ve never had a problem with Revolut.

I use them over Transferwise usually for international payments. Customer service has always worked great when I’ve contacted them over problems such as cancelling the Premium service. I have 3 cards with them, a MasterCard, a Visa card and a virtual visa card.

I don’t want to add to your annoyance but many of your points are not really points of complaint.

  • Revolut do charge for cards, but that is their choice and it is explained before you order order. You can add and remove cards easily in Revolut unlike Monzo so I guess that is why they charge for cards. You do get a free premium card at no charge I believe.

  • Mainstream banks have had issued with wrong names on cards. Doesn’t mean it is a countrywide issue, there could have been 1 other issue which was logged on the system. It might be countrywide but there is no evidence. The fact it has happened to you is an issue which customer service should fix. I hope they do.

  • Card not arriving - could easily be Royal Mail’s fault and not Revoluts. Could be Revoluts, who knows?

  • A 15 minute wait, even at a premium service, isn’t that long a wait in reality of things. I’ve had Monzo take time to reply to me although Monzo’s customer service is second to non - well maybe First Direct.

  • Unable to order another card because you have ordered too many (not at your fault) is a clear issue which you need to ask customer service for clarification. I hope you removed the ‘old’ cards in the app as there is a limit on the number of cards you can have but you can easily remove them too.

If customer service isn’t replying in app then you should follow their complaints policy to force them to reply. I do agree though, in the end problems Revolut need to fix their customer service to have better user experiences.

(Geoff Pascoe) #21

Agreed. The last 3 times I’ve contacted Monzo, the response times have been 4 minutes, 43 minutes, and 2 hours 6 minutes. I almost always get through to NatWest or Tesco Bank faster. The issue I’ve had with Revolut is that their customer service reps seem to understand their product less than I do, where as the Monzo ones at least know what they’re talking about.