Chat delays for fraud issue is unacceptable

I was unfortunately the victim of card fraud last night. Right before I left to go on holiday. It really sucks. I Froze my card in time so had no money stolen, but I tried to get in touch with Monzo via the app (like it says) and got absolutely no response. Nothing.
I managed to eventually get through on the phone after trying loads of times, and Monzo put a block on the card. I explained I was extremely worried about going abroad and this being my sole source of funds except a small credit card, and the rep said that I’d be able to get in touch with Monzo on the app or phone and they’d unblock it temporarily so I can get cash out.
This didn’t turn out to be the case.
I arrive in Iceland this morning And messaged as soon as I landed. 2 entire hours, yes, two hours, of me trying to send messages through and still absolutely no response whatsoever. They seem to have removed the “urgent” option so you can’t even tag your message as urgent anymore. As I’m writing this I’ve still received nothing. And just kept getting cut off the phone.
This is so extremely frustrating and unprofessional. I understand the perks of Monzo and all of the cool features, but when it comes to needing money for emergencies when we’re in an unfamiliar foreign country this really stops being funny. I sent in emails too, and you guessed it, no reply to those. I’m being completely ignored.
I’m going to leave Monzo as I’d never have this from any other bank. And I’m really sad to go, but this experience really takes the biscuit.


Hi Jordan, If this happened to you just before going on holiday and you were solely using a high street bank, they would have cancelled your card and you would be in a similar spot (struggling to get money abroad) presuming they could not get the card out to you in time.

Recommend you always have a backup current account or prepaid card like revolut etc.

Agree however that the current support waiting times are below par and will cause distress on more serious issues like this. Hope you get sorted asap!


It’s easy to be captain hindsight and say “carry around an extra card” but as I’m already in this situation, I can’t do much about that :frowning:

The chat delays are disgraceful and at least with a high street bank I’d get through to a human, very promptly. You don’t treat customers like this. Very poor.


Hi @Jjb89 :wave:

I’m really sorry to hear that our chat times aren’t what we’d like them to be right now :pensive:

Could you DM me your email and I can take a look at this for you?


I’ve also had an issue with potential fraud and no one has gotten back to me!

Thanks for the reply - I can’t work out how to DM on the forums (I’m on mobile - I’ve tried looking everywhere on your profile but maybe I’m being a bit blind?) but my email address on here is the same as the one on my account

If you tap on @cwtch profile picture you should see a big blue button saying ‘Message’.

That’s down to the Discourse software used to run this forum I believe? You need to have posted a bit more to gain trust levels - looks like @cwtch will have to DM you :wink:

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Am I missing something??

I’ve sent you a DM :slight_smile:


Assuming they cancelled the card, which depends on the bank. All other banks provide emergency cash options free of charge to all customers in these situations.

Other banks would not leave you without an option to get your money.

Monzo don’t offer this, and instead were offering it as a paid service only to monzo plus customers only.


I’ve also had an issue with fraud last night and have not been able to get in touch with anyone. This is urgent and honestly disappointing.

Hi @desireemma :wave:

Really sorry to hear that :pensive: I’m en-route to the office at the moment, so I’m afraid I can’t help out just yet.

Hopefully you get a reply from the chat, before I reach the office. I’ll send you a DM once I get there to check up on things with you. I hope that’s okay


Hi, I’ve reported the fraud to the police and they have told me to contact monzo urgently, I’ve tried to get in contact every way possible for the last hour to no response. This is really distressing and I cant believe I’m having to wait 12 hours for something like this

Hi @Shalzserenity :wave:

I’ve sent across a DM to you :blush:

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Keep calling if its urgent there is no point using the app chat

Shouldn’t they answer in the first place?

More importantly, why did they remove the urgent option? They based all their support statistics on this last year and now it’s gone.

It would be good to hear from monzo how people are meant to actually get help for urgent issues?

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It’s bizarre. I have no way of contacting Monzo urgently, other than by phone (and many people are complaining that the phones aren’t always answered promptly).

Ironic that the bank that got popular on the back of great customer service is now one of the most unreliable in that regard


I have just had a similar experience when my wife was subject to a scam
We tried to get in touch with MONZO but to no avail
It was hours before we got someone to answer but then it was days before the accounts where properly sorted
In the meantime our accounts where frozen, even the non affected MONZO account was frozen leaving us with no means of drawing out funds
It was a very painful week in trying to communicate and then finally trying to re establish accounts
I totally agree that MONZO need to sort this out. When a customer screams for help due to a scam or fraud MONZO should be jumping on that
What a real shame that they have slipped