Android app - long way to go


  • Clean, simple interface
  • Merchant icons, google location
  • Spending psage is okay, very simple, Where are the graphs?
  • Payments with friends, probably the only reason I got Monzo, although most competitors have this too.
  • Chat functionality

Not so good

  • You make people top up £100 to use a beta. I just dont understand this from a start up perspective. You need the people more than the people need you. Was points off Monzo in my mind before i even used it. Its all about reducing life admin. If other companies can send out a little piece of plastic for free why cant you? good will is important.
  • Contactless payments seem unreliable, my HSBC, Amex and Revolut are 100%
  • Not even an option to password/fingerprint protect the app? Wow.
  • Exchange rates not as good as Revolut. Did a comparison when travelling
  • Notifications are unreliable, its one of the coolest things getting a notification once youve spent your cash

What I would like
-Option of password of print protection

  • Option to reduce font size
  • More detailed spending analysis, graphs etc
  • Page to see exactly what is included in your plan i.e. top up limit, atm withdrawl limit etc

Final thoughts
Good but still lackng in some areas I feel. Right now a good secondary card to Revolut, since they reduced their monthly ATM withdrawl limit from 500 to 200. Monzo is the secondary backup for now. All the best Monzo hope you can smash it!

how can you compare Monzos ATM daily withdrawal of £400 / day - £2000/month free with Revoluts £200 / month and then above that a 2% fee and favour Revolut above Monzo ? that would be a £36 fee to use revolut every month up to Monzos limits ( my ATM limits anyway :slight_smile: others have different limits - New Limits! )

from Revolut website “-ATM withdrawals - Free up to £200 (or currency equivalent) per calendar month. A 2% fee applies thereafter”

  • Monzo don’t charge for a card - your £100 top up is just that - a top up with money you are free to use straight away - the absolute opposite is true with revolut, they charge a minimum of £5 for your card + £6 for a replacement card - Monzo is totally free to send out and get a replacement for a lost card

Is the revoluts interbank rate better than MasterCard rates ? -

  • Monzo also don’t charge any commission at weekends from Friday midnight to sunday midnight (or indeed any other time) - unlike Revolut minimum of 0.5% at weekends - how can that be better FX rates - don’t spend FX at weekends ?

  • just checked morning star FX rates for today GBP-US is $1.249=£1 (+ your 0.5% commission so $1.243 ) mastercard for yesterday was $1.26 = £1 maybe it changed dramatically overnight :slight_smile:
    €1.182 (+0.5% so €1.176) for morningstar FX and €1.19 for MasterCard

never used Android so couldn’t comment on your other points :slight_smile:


Just picking up on this point, you can see the limits from within settings in the Android app.


The Android app is being worked on and a lot of updates have been released for it which are mainly behind the scenes, so that it will be able to be compatible with the current accounts.

I do agree with you (I am an iOS user) that there are some really small tweaks like a password, integration and so on which would make a big difference to the app. However these things are coming and if you read some of the other posts on here you can see the team have confirmed it. Unfortunately though most of the updates for both apps between now and the launch of the current accounts will be backend and not noticeable unless you can looking for them

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The Pulse Graph, is on the way.

Targets are the main other feature which has been developed to enable users to track their spending. There’s this card on the roadmap for Android.

Yes Monzo does do this, the reason for (which Hugo confirms later in this thread) is this -

You’ll be relieved to hear that students only need to top up £25 though…& that over 110,000 users (including yourself) have still signed up despite this.

The £100 initial top up is still the user’s money.

AFAIK this hasn’t been reported by other users. Next time you have any issue, please do create a topic in the bug reports category, with steps to reproduce etc. & Monzo will look into it.

This can be solved already, using Norton’s app lock app or one of the other apps mentioned here. It’s also on the roadmap.

That’s interesting to hear, @anon95680666 (who’s clearly done his research :wink:) has made some excellent points about Revolut’s fees. There’s been quite a bit of feedback on the exchange rate in this topic where there’s a few more posts with feedback in reply to my comment.

To summarise, the difference is marginal & sometimes Monzo’s rate is better, sometimes Revolut’s is better (unless Revolut is adding on a fee, something Monzo doesn’t do).

This has been mentioned in another post, no doubt Monzo will fix it :soon:

Ultimately, Revolut is generally targeting customers with a different set of needs from Monzo users - people who need accounts to hold foreign currencies & who make transfers abroad - (though Monzo will eventually address both of those use cases too). In the meantime, if their service is more suitable for you then great!

But if you don’t need those features, then personally I have a hard time seeing why you wouldn’t use Monzo, bearing in mind it’s additional features & the fact that the gaps you’re seeing will be filled in soon…

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Chris - integration on android ???


Ah sorry didn’t realise they had done that now as I am an iOS user :slight_smile: