Money to pot in £1 increments

It would be great to be able to pop at least £1 in my pot. I say this as sometimes you require cash for a purchase or service etc and this doesn’t help our pot.

If I could deposit in £1 increments I would deposit £1 for every time I:- used a cash machine with my Monzo and/or transferred money to and from my monzo account.

In essentially charging myself £1 for these actions my pot would grow exponentially. I understand I could wait till I’ve made 5 transactions and then send £5 but that would miss the main point of ‘saving and not realising’

Thoughts people???

The way I read this, I wonder if it’s your belief that you can only add to your pot in £5 increments?

This is not true, if you select the amount you can enter any amount you like.

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You don’t have to put £5 in, any amount is possible. Hit the value to edit it.

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I’m just wondering how many people with Monzo accounts don’t realise you can tap on the amount to change it to a specific amount. Same goes for the Spending budget section.

Or if you long hold the - or + it goes in £50s rather than £5 with a tap.

I don’t think the interface makes it clear so I’m guessing a good percentage. It should really have a tutorial mode the first time using a feature to explain, and a way to access the tutorial again if you skipped in your hurry to get started.


It has been brought up a few times but not enough to be a huge concern imo :slight_smile:

Or they could just change the UI to make it obvious :man_shrugging:


Hi guys. Yeah sorry for the wasted post and time. This didn’t seem to work on Monday but I just tried and it has. Apologies.

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Agreed. I am quite tech savvy and wouldn’t know this without you saying in here, which can be hard to find (safari)

If you tap enough times it starts going up in increments larger than £5.

Annoyingly, this usually happens when I’m getting close to the amount I want so I end up overshooting it by a large degree and have to £5 tap down back to where I wanted to be :expressionless:

Well the Monzo 3.0 is just around the corner so it’ll probably change :soon:

I’d rather have a minimal interface when you read the instruction and once you learn the skill it hides. I would hate for it to have words on the screen permanently explaining how to do something.

But yeah in this case they should have scraped the - and + ages ago and just start with the text input flashing with the number keyboard open. Straight to the point and no need to explain what to do just like the Payments section does it.

I would think most people want to transfer a specific amount most of the time so I’ve no idea why the - and + are still the lead way to control the amount and the no obvious hold to type the amount feels secondary and like hidden Easter egg for those in the know.

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Not a wasted post at all :blush: highlights the fact that the UI could do with a few tweaks to improve the discoverability of this.

I didn’t notice you could click and edit the amount at first either, as the UI gives no clue that this is possible.

Welcome to the forum :blush:

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It’s looks - and + are still being used in the new build so :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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