Adding/removing specific amounts from pots

I like the idea of pots but they aren’t overly useful to me since you can only add/remove money in multiples of £5. I think it would be great if I could just type in any amount of money (£0.74 or £12.93 .e.c.t.) and that would added to or removed from a pot.

I currently use Monzo to help me monitor my monthly spending allowance and I have a pot that I’d like to use to put any money that should have come out of my monthly spending allowance but I used my main bank card for instead into. So say I spent £12.93 on my main account but the money should have come from my Monzo budget. I’d like to be able to put exactly 12.93 into a pot to save for next month but currently I could only put in £10 or £15. I also have a pot that I’d like to use to save up for a Switch. I want to put all money left over from my spending allowance at the end of the month into this pot but currently unless the money is in multiples of £5 I can’t. Its quite annoying as it makes pots nearly useless to me even though they are such a great idea.

If you click on the amount (between the + and - signs) it lets you type a custom amount. This functionality isn’t very clear though and is missed by loads of people until they get told about it on the forum (I missed it originally too!).