Pots - smaller denominations?

I believe that Monzo are possibly looking into this, however I just thought I’d start a thread to discuss it and if anybody has come up with any workarounds for this?

Currently, I’m using a pot as my main balance and ‘topping up’ my actual balance weekly with spending money, rather like how I used to top up my pre-paid monzo card weekly.

However, if I have say £18.68 left at the end of the week and my weekly spending allowance is £60, I don’t want to end up with £68.86 - I want to put the leftover back into my main balance or top up just enough to make up my allowance.

Additionally, my spending allowance period runs Sunday to Sunday, so that I’m motivated to spend less in the week so that I have more to spend at the weekend. I get paid on a Friday, all I can think of at the moment is to remember to temporarily move my remaining balance to a sort of limbo pot while I get paid, move my salary, and then move the spending money back. OK I realise now that all I have to do for this is literally just put the whole balance back into the pot before withdrawing the spending money now. Oops! :sleeping:

Can anybody think of any other workarounds for these problems that don’t require reliance on my own memory and liklihood that I’ll ‘get round to’ moving money? Because I’m a forgetful and lazily optimistic (as in yeah I’ll totally do that thing later, no need to do it now) numpty and there’s weather more reliable than me.

I really hope this makes sense because I’m tired af and it’s difficult to explain hahaha.

NB: Bonus points and a new mate if you recognise the song lyrics in here.

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On Android, and I assume iOS, if you click the numeric value, rather than the two arrows, you can enter an exact amount to move between pots.

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When you tap to add or withdraw from a pot, you can specify the exact amount by tapping the number ‘5’ (and not using the + or - to change the value) and edit it manually. You can transfer £0.01 if you like!

Edit: Yes @Jedihomer, it works like that on iOS too.

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Yeahhhhhhhhhhh Boston Manor hyyype

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Wow you guys I am a big idiot, thank you hahaha!

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