Top pot up to value

This is totally frivolous, but having had it happen again today, I figured I’d throw the idea out there.

As well as “add £x to pot” that we currently have, would it be possible to say “top pot up to £x”?

So for example, if I’ve already got £23.56 in my Credit Card direct debit pot and I look at the card balance and see it’s £56.81, rather than have to do the maths in my head (which I’m terrible at) and add (56.81-23.56 = ) £33.25 into the pot, I just tell the pot I want it to have £56.81 in it, and as long as I’ve got the £33.25 in my current account, Monzo does the sums for me.

Also, a few more pots would be nice - 20 isn’t quite enough for me…