Round Up amount

Hi there.
Just joined monzo and think it’s a great concept and has massive potential.
An idea regarding pots and the round up feature. Include an option to set the amount that the transactions should be rounded up to ie. Nearest pound, or £5.
This would be a great feature in situations for example if I’m spending £7.89 round up to £10 and put the £2.11 in a pot.



That’s sounds totally possible using IFTTT perhaps one of the community members know how to write up a new script to do this?

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It would need Monzo to add it to IFTTT as Monzo has only allowed rounding to the nearest 50p and £1 on IFTTT.

Is this restricted on the Monzo side of things then?

I 100% agree! In fact, I’ve literally just spotted the round-up option. When exploring it I presumed that it would be as Mm3hta mentioned and was a little disappointed when I realized it was only to the nearest £1. I have bad spending habits and have always found it impossible to save. Having something rounded up to the nearest £5 would be super beneficial to me as I’m consistently spending £7 here, £13 there!

Would it be possible to have an option that allows you to choose for yourself what the round-up figure would be?