We're working on a new look for the Monzo app

Quick questions how often can we expect new beta builds on Testflight? Weekly?

Can anyone confirm is the - and + buttons are still used in setting the amounts for pots and budgets or have they finally been scrapped?

Recently it’s been weekly

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They are still there

That’s disappointing :pensive:

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Does anyone know if there’s plans to make the entering of amounts consistent like the Payments section. Having £5/50 increments as the lead interface and hold to type the amount is insane, when the main action is going to be a specific amount.


Relevant thread here:


None have been mentioned to my knowledge :slight_smile:

I may have misinterpreted the recent question (about the ‘+’ and ‘-’ being the only way to add/withdraw money from pots and adjust values in budgets), but if you tap on the value in the middle of the ‘+’ and ‘-’, you can then enter whatever value you want using the pop-up numerical keyboard.

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Yeah I think it would be much better if adding money to pots mimicked the screen payments screen as well.

I’m also hoping that as part of the new design we get pots history on iOS, and also locally cached images for pots/profile etc - I believe the Android app has both.

At the moment on iOS the account screen is glitchy looking and not smooth scrolling when you open the app, especially on slower connections as all the images are loaded from the server every time.


@phildawson knows you can do this :blush: the issue (as noted in the thread he linked to), is that the current UI doesn’t make this obvious.


@phildawson’s question doesn’t ask if the + / - are the only options, just if they are there.

Ah, OK, now I see. Thanks for the clarification.

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The new Monzo layout doesn’t have the option for sending international payments :open_mouth:

It does…

Payments -> Pay -> Bank Transfer -> International Payments

I’m confused Screenshot_20190508-230732__01 Screenshot_20190508-230801__01 Screenshot_20190508-230832

Oh :eyes: on iOS it’s there


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Monzo devs favoriting iOS?

Not always

Apparently pot history is available on Android but it’s not on iOS

Swings and roundabouts


Pot history is not as vital, however someone like me trying to make a important international transfer now is screwed.

It’s on android as well. Be worth having a chat in app to see what’s going on