Money sent to Monzo account holder never received


Hi there, I sent a friend some money not realising this isn’t a " real bank" , nothing has ever arrived in her account.
My bank say there is nothing I can do . Any ideas ? It went somewhere?

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I’m afraid you might have got the wrong company here, it’s not possible to transfer money from your prepaid account to another user, unless you’re using the in-app p2p payments feature..

(Dan) #3

Bit confused here. Did you send it from your “real bank” account? What details did you use, what account number and sort code?

Probably best emailing though as we can’t go through their bank account for you :slight_smile:


She sent me an account number and sort code like normal , and I did a bank payment .


No, I don’t have a Monzo account, she does and sent me account number and sort code to deposit funds. Which I don’t think is correct. As nothing has ever got to her.

(Bob) #6

If she sent you her Monzo account number and sort code, she should have sent you her 9-figure reference number (bottom left of her Monzo card).

(Alex Sherwood) #7

Apologies, I should have read the title of your topic more carefully :blush:

In that case, she’ll need to contact the customer support team to follow up on this.

My guess is that perhaps you didn’t include the 9 digit reference number, when you sent the transfer? In which case, once your friend follows up on this, the team will be able to simply move the money to her account :+1:

In the future, I’d recommend using to send her money, as those transfers are instant & can’t get lost. Or if you sign up to Monzo, you can send each other transfers instantly from within the app :wink:


Ah ,yes, I didn’t use that reference . Ok , I will get her to email customer support Thanks so much guys

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