I haven’t received my bank transfer payment

My friend sent me money 2 days ago by bank transfer but used my old sort code and account number but I haven’t received the payment is there anyway of fixing this problem because the funds have left his account

Is your old account still open?

If it is, the money will have been received there.
If it isn’t, it will be returned to the sender.

If a full switch via CASS was used to switch to Monzo and close the old account the expectation would be that payments to old account would be redirected to the Monzo account.

@Marobones if you did use CASS to do a full account switch, I suggest contacting Monzo customer support and ask them to look into this.

So basically I lost my old card, but same account and all of that so I got a new card sent obviously and I think the sort code and account number maybe changed, I’m not really sure what’s happened to the money though

So old sort code and account number is with Monzo rather than another bank?

I don’t see why your sort code and account number would have changed if you just replaced a lost card, but this seems like something that you’ll need to contact Monzo customer support to get an answer on.

If you replaced your card your sort code and account number wouldn’t change.

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Unless it switched from prepaid account to current account

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What sort code did your friend send it to?

Obviously don’t reveal the account number or any other details