My partner has recieved money from an unrecognised person via bank transfer

Hi, can anyone help?

This afternoon my partner has recieved money from someone whos name we do not recognise. We have called monzo support and they have said to try and send it back, which we cant do. Other than that, they cant do anything.

You’ve done everything you are required to do. I’d stick it away in a pot and await developments.


As suggested, stick it in a pot so it isn’t spent even by mistake. Then at some point when the sender realises they’ve sent money to the wrong place and they try and get it back, it can be transferred back easily.

Did you try using “Something wrong? Get help” on the transaction itself? Wondering if speaking to Monzo support in-app will let them seem more information about the transfer any maybe try returning it for you?

Hey :wave:

I’m sorry to hear this has happened and I’m sure it can be very confusing!

I know you shouldn’t have to do this but please can you get back in contact with our Support team and raise it with them again, we do have a process to follow to send the payment back to the sender on your behalf as you cannot see the senders account details.


Did it have a payment reference? That can sometimes tell you where it’s come from.