Money sent did not reach Monzo's account

(Isavann) #1

Last week, ive send money to a Monzo account and i didnt put the reference number, only the sort code and account number, the money has been taken from my bank account and send, but a week later no sign of the money in the Monzo account holder, my bank said there is nothing they can do… i guess that happened sometimes so what the best way to get it sorted? Many thks🙂

(Sam Watkin) #2

Hey @Isavann :wave: if you message in through the app, one of them team will be able to track this down for you :slight_smile:

(Isavann) #3

Thks for the answer but im not a monzo customer, i dont have the app, do you have a link for me to contact customer service?


try emailing

(Jolin) #5

Or you can ask the recipient to message in-app support with the details of the payment (e.g. amount, your name, account number, etc that money was sent from).

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