Money disappeared?

Was about 10p as far as I can remember . I definitely don’t have an overdraft else the transaction from Currys would have gone out, instead I got a failed payment notification.

Got a reply from chat and apparently it was a “ delayed payment “ from a previous transactions


Told you!

Do you agree with them?

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Yeah pretty much. I’m just waiting on a response as to why. It was a £2 they took.

The order came to £19.50. Delivery was £2.00 and im guessing they didn’t take the £2 for delivery immediately


Nitpicking is unhelpful


Not nitpicking at all, I hoped by giving the correct amount, it may jog his memory on a fee/charge/offline transaction to aid solution.


Last night was £75 and this morning it went down without any new transactions appearing . Hence why the specific number is irrelevant.

I’ve cleared it up with chat anyway so thanks :pray:


I’m glad things got cleared up for you.

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Did you buy a bus ticket on contactless or something like that recently?

Nope not been on busses for 5 months

Liquid must have not taken the £2 for delivery initially

Hmm, I don’t think they can do that can they?

You authorise the payment amount, they can’t then add to it later on? Unless it’s a pre-auth like bus/tfl/petrol etc.

According to Rika they can.


Just contacted the merchant and they confirmed it all too. Thanks guys

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