Help lost money

Hi there, my dad paid a large sum of money into my monzo joint account this morning, in 3 payments as yet nothing showing in my bank account on monzo.

As far as I know it’s not hsbc

Also had no response in chat so not sure if its working

Unfortunately we can’t help. This a community page and is rarely staffed by Monzo.

I’d recommend either calling the number on the back of your card or messaging Monzo through the in app chat.

Ok thanks in app isn’t working so I’ll try phone

3 large payments could well have triggered extra checks at either bank, and neither will be able to tell you unless they need extra information

Double check he’s used the right details

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He says details I gave are correct have checked with card and app

What details did you check on the card as there is no account details there?

The card screen in my app I meant my appologies

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Get your dad to contact his bank and Monzo will get back to you as soon as they can in app.

Unusual activity often means a bit of a delay

He has been on to his bank they say all fine

Yeah, unfortunately if it was held for extra checks they can’t actually say

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It’s also worth remembering that bank transfers can (officially) take until the end of the next day (I think) even though they are more normally instant.

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Is your account still working fine ?

As far as I know yes

I’m just thinking could your account be blocked ? due to it being transferred in 3 different transactions. ?

How would I find out if blocked

you wouldnt be able to use your account to make any payments

Then nope not blocked

Then they must be doing security checks and you receive it by morning time hopefully.

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Ok thanks