£100 taken from account

(Maerii) #1


I’ve been using my Monzo card for about 3 weeks now and had no problems with the initial £100 top up.

However, I checked my bank account and Monzo has somehow taken another £100 from my account! But when I log into the Monzo app it shows my card only has £19 on it.

Why has money been taken from my account even though I did not issue a top up and why isn’t it showing on my card?

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Unless you set up a standing order, I don’t see how this could have happened either. The quickest way to get the answer will be to message the support team via the in-app chat. You could also email help@monzo.com.

Please do share what happened here, once it’s been figured out!


That or it’s a hugely delayed transaction on the legacy bank side. May be worth checking there if it is just that or if two £100 transactions have been taken.

(Maerii) #4

Hey! All sorted!

So what happened was the £100 bank transfer action was made by my hubby who totally forgot he was playing around with the app so that solves that mystery.

With regards to why the £100 came out of my bank account but did not update the balance of the Monzo card was because during the bank transfer details you need to make sure you use the reference number displayed either in the app or on the bottom left of the Monzo card. This reference number was not added when filling in the bank transfer form. This is the only way Monzo can recognise the money transfer was from my bank account.

This was rectified by using the ‘help’ chat function in the Monzo app and Dillon very kindly gave me all the details of what happened. As the money came out of my bank but had no reference to who’s Monzo card it belonged to they had to do a manual transfer instead. So now my Monzo card has the correct balance.


(Alex Sherwood) #5

That’s great to hear! Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: