Unexplained increase in balance

Last night on our joint account we were around £7 in credit. This morning, after one credit of £10 and one outgoing of around £8, we are around £44 in credit - but no transaction listed in the last few accounting for this additional £35.
If a previous transaction has been updated today, how do we find out which one it was?

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Someone may have mistyped their account number and it’s gone to you instead?

Then they’d see it in their feed

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Where have you been/purchased from that are likely to have partially refunded you?

Did you have a pending £35 transaction that hasn’t been taken?

Just to be clear also, you’re looking at your actual balance and not your summary prediction?

If I did, how would I know which one it was? I’m not aware of any transactions being ‘removed’

No, looking at actual balance, not summary prediction.

Possibly, but how would I know if a previous transaction has had the amount changed?

We had a pending transaction some time ago, which was incorrect - but that change came through as a refund. Can pending transactions be removed with no history showing the balance change?

Look through your feed?

And would the change be visible against a transaction? Is the actual change recorded?



From an unexplained increase (or decrease) of your balance.

But no idea of which transaction?
Seems odd that such changes can happen without recording it. I now have no idea of who has ‘returned’ this money - and for what. Have I now lost something I believe I have purchased such as insurance cover or a booking for a show?
Why wouldn’t this show up in my transactions? It altered my balance, for several days at least - how can it be allowed to just vanish?

It’s my (properly uneducated) understanding that when you swipe your card somewhere the retailer is often asking permission to take the money at a later date/time. With an old bank it just won’t show on your balance at all until they take it (or not) and I once had all the money for a new motorbike just sit there for a month while I had the bike before it was taken.

Monzo instead show you all the possible transactions that you have swiped and takes it in to account with your balance. This is super handy for budgeting but, very occasionally, if a retailer never claims the money the hold is released the the pending line is removed.

Can you check your emails for any £35 transactions?


Have a look at your statement and see if you can see see a transaction for the same amount

I’ll be honest, this has happened to myself (for different amounts) but I assumed it was lag. I.e. my app balance didn’t update after a transaction (due to an internet disruption) and I didn’t notice at the time, then overnight it reconnected to Monzo’s server and updated to the correct balance.

I suspect this is what happened, but I cant recall any recent transaction of that amount, certainly not one I was expecting to be cancelled.
And if one is present for the same value (I can’t recall the exact balance last night so I can’t check this), why would it still show if the transaction is no longer counted?

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This could have been possible, but again no recent transactions close to this amount, and a transaction was denied overnight due to insufficient funds - so I had a good connection.

It wouldn’t be showing because it is no longer being taken in to account.

When the time limit expires on the authorisation then the line is deleted from your feed and Monzo release the money back to you.

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