Switch money has disappeared!

The full switch has taken place with my old account being closed however my funds are not with you or the old bank! What is going on? Support are ridiculously slow so I am now without a single penny! This is a terrible first impression of Monzo. How can this get looked into as a matter of urgency? Does Monzo have a phone number?

Back of your card is the number to phone.

When did your switch complete?

Funds are the last thing to be switched, after the switch has been completed

Yes but they’re not in my old account or new Monzo so where the chuff are they? I literally have no access to funds… calked number and apparently can take until 12 today. This did not happen with my other bank where you’ve no funds to access at all.

I think it’s dependent on the old bank. The funds are being transferred by your old bank but haven’t been received by monzo yet. That’s why you can’t see them

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Have you contacted your old bank? The issue is on their end, Monzo can’t do anything until the funds are released to them. I’d complain to your old bank first and foremost.


I know not ideal but worst case use a credit card temporarily whilst the funds are being moved over?

Agreed - the issue is with your old bank, not Monzo.

Although, this can be an issue with any switch. Perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Monzo could give a gentle reminder for people to have ample cash for a few hours, or a back-up card.

Importantly, if you are eligible for an overdraft, you can use it while you have no access to funds and as long as you clear the balance by the end of the working day (4pm, I think?) you won’t incur any fees.

If it’s day 7 of your switch, then your balance should be moved over by 12pm today! It’s not usually first thing in the morning unfortunately, but it should ping it’s way over by lunchtime :blush:

If not of course, a call to the number on the back of your card or a message in the app and we can take a look at what’s going on. You’re covered by the Current Account Switch Service Guarantee if anything should go wrong for any reason :pray:


Thank Ive called. It’s now past 12 and nothing. How can funds be literally nowhere? I can’t even see my old account

Ah, sorry to hear it hasn’t come through. Glad to hear you’ve given a call already though, that’s definitely the best way forward here as there’s not much more at of us will be able to do here on the community :pensive:

You’ll not be able to see your old account as it will have been closed as part of the switch, but the team on calls/chat will be able to escalate over to our payments team to work out what’s gone on here :crossed_fingers:

Just our of interest, was this resolved?