Significant pending fraudulent transaction worry

Hi Monzo community,
I hope someone here can help - I’m still waiting for customer service team to come back to me but I’m really worried about a fraudulent ‘pending’ online transaction I noticed at lunch time today of US$2,100 to - that’s £1,896!
Although the transaction says ‘pending’, the money is gone from my account.
I tried to report through the app, froze and blocked my card, and Monzo’s ‘specialist are investigating’. I’ve tried to ask for reassurances that the money won’t actually leave my account as its ‘pending’, and I’ve also tried to find the answer online but can’t find a clear one.
If anyone can help, it would be hugely appreciated and hopefully put my mind at rest.

All payments are pending for the first 3 days at least. Every card transaction does this. The funds will be set aside as it’s technically been paid for, but merchants have some time to actually collect the funds too.

Did you make the transaction or provide your details anywhere that could’ve lead to this? If not, it’ll likely be refunded provided there’s no negligence on your part.

If you’ve already raised this with the fraud team they should respond within 24 hours.


You’ll get the money back if it wasn’t you, try not to worry.


Thanks for your advice.
It was still pending until lunch time today - about 24 hours after it happened - now I guess the transaction is complete, which worries me further as it’s actually gone now.
I don’t think I did anything to risk my personal details.
Reported it midday Weds which is over 24 hours now and nothing from the fraud team investigating.
I really hoped this would be sorted by now.

There was a spate of card fraud posts on here a week or two ago. Everyone got their money back within 2-3 days if I recall.

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Investigations can take time, also depends on what workload they already have. You’ve reported it, just need to sit back and let them crack on with the investigation. As soon as they’ve finished this they’ll be in contact. No point winding yourself up about it, it can happen to any of us. Just give them time and I’m sure you’ll hear back from them soon enough with the outcome of the monies refunded.