Mondo with Betting Accounts

(Luis Carless) #1

I currently do a lot of matched betting and would really love to use my Mondo card to keep everything separate from the main high street bank account.

Am I able to use my Mondo card with online betting companies and will they be able to deposit back my winnings into the same Mondo card/account? Thanks!

(Ryan) #2

Hey there!

I don’t believe it’s possible to receive money as Account Numbers / Sort Codes aren’t available at this current stage. You should be able to deposit with it though!

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(Rika Raybould) #3

Betting is something you may have problems with as it seems like most of them block prepaid cards for some reason. Check with known issues and report if it fails for somewhere that isn’t on the list.

As @mynamesryan said, you’re also not currently going to be able to receive money directly in to Mondo until they are able to provide current accounts with an account number and sort code. The workaround right now is, of course, to receive in to another account and transfer in to Mondo via. the bank transfer top up method but that doesn’t give you such a nice feed entry.