Top Up via another prepaid card?

Hello All,

Sorry if this mentioned somewhere else, i have searched but nothing helped me in my quest.

Q: Can the account be topped using another prepaid card ?? (Mastercard to be precise)


Theoretically, anything that isn’t a credit card and is from a Stripe supported network should work.

I’d recommend just trying it to be honest. Remember to report back if it does or does not work! :thumbsup:

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Thanks for replying.

Yes, i was able to make the £100 initial top-up with my pre-paid card (so i assume following top-ups will be fine as well)



Yep, the only thing you can’t use prepaid cards for is sending money via :+1:


Huh, so the card rules for topping up and aren’t actually the same? Any reason for that one?

It wouldn’t really make sense to use a Monzo card to make a transfer, when users can just send the money using the in-app feature. The former costs Monzo money while the latter doesn’t.

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This is true but then how would that be any different to the old, pre-P2P payments workaround of topping up a Monzo account with another Monzo card?

I get the reason for blocking Monzo cards but why all prepaid?

I’m guessing @Naji only meant Monzo’s prepaid cards?

no. it will be all prepay cards

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