Receiving money from work

(gohan) #1


The prepaid card is taking some downtime on Sunday 8th October from 00:00-02:00
(Alex Sherwood) #2

Not yet but you will be able to once the current accounts launch :tada:

Here’s the latest news about their rollout -

(Bob) #3

It can be done, but not in the conventional way. Details to send money to your Monzo prepay by bank transfer:

You need to fall within your daily/monthly/yearly load limits though:

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Just bear in mind that this is still a fairly manual process at Monzo’s end & your employer will need to remember to include the reference number, in order for you to receive your salary this way -

also, it’s not possible to transfer money from your account to another bank account, pay direct debits & standing orders etc. until it’s a current account.

You shouldn’t be relying on being able to use your prepaid card at this point either, as Monzo’s still in beta.


I know this isn’t directly related but does anyone know if you can receive payment from a buyer on eBay via PayPal with the prepaid card?

(Hugh) #6

Not really as you need to be able to specify your account number in the transaction for Monzo to credit your card and PayPal autogenerates that field.

(Tom ) #7

Whilst your case is not ‘work’ - this is a more relevant topic for your post to sit in. Hope that helps!


(Hugh) #9

PayPal requires a bank transfer to deposit funds into an account, this isn’t possible without a Account Number and Sort Code.