Mondo app

(Stuart Todd) #1


What can I do in the mondo app??

Can I transfer funds eg to savings accounts with my current bank etc or is it simply a prepaid card with no ability to transfer funds from mondo account to another account and vice versa ??

(Andrew Ross) #2

Hi @Toddie1982. With the :mondo: app you can load money into your card, monitor your spending. Have instant notifications when transactions have taken place, freeze your card if it has been stolen (or used fraudulently), transfer money to other Mondo users, Chat with support, edit the crowd sourced data, categorises your spends, search your account, register your card and enjoy the joys of Mondo.

If you don’t have your card you can sign up and see how long it is until you get your card! :wink:

(Adam) #3

When Mondo get their banking licence and are able to offer banking facilities, it will of course include the other features you have mentioned however, currently it is ‘simply a prepaid card’.