Credit card top ups via Apple Pay?


Does anyone know how credit card issuers treat Apple Pay top ups with the prepaid Monzo card? Are they just a regular card transaction or are they counted as a cash withdrawal? Does Apple Pay top up even allow payment by credit card? (Currently rocking an old iPhone 5 whilst I await the arrival of my 7, so unable to test it myself.) Basically I want to know whether I can take advantage of cashback on my card by simply ‘transferring’ the balance to Monzo…


Not possible currently. You will need the sort code and account number as well as the long card number to do a cash transfer to your Monzo card, along with your reference number which you can’t input anywhere.

(Adam Kendrew) #3

I’d like to know this too. I have my HSBC Credit Card attached to my Wallet on my iPhone and it can be used with Apple Pay. Can anybody confirm if its treated as a cash withdrawal / balance transfer? :grinning:

(Josh Bray) #4

You can’t currently top-up your monzo account with a credit card

(Alex Sherwood) #5

You can keep an eye on this post, to see whether that changes