Missed direct debit

(Michael) #41

Not via DD, via card it does eventually. The feedback is poor as you’re not sure if it worked, no email or anything saying thanks for payment. Leave it like 10 hours or until the following day and the payment will then appear on your bank/monzo as pending.

The DD frustrates me as it says I’ve made a payment in PayPal, says the transaction is completed and gives me a reference number. Takes them ages to figure the payment never happened!

(Gareth) #42

Yeah, it did the same to me (showing as paid for a while, even though it hadn’t).

Luckily I was in a position where I didn’t really need it so I paid it off and cancelled it.

I am not sure why they can’t get it to work considering Paypal itself works every time!

(Andy Little) #43

Monzo have reactivated the direct debit for me. I’ll have to wait and see if it works.


Same here. EE Direct Debit failed last month…


No issues with EE here had the DD for quite a few months.

(MikeF) #46

You say it’s the same, does that mean that your DD was cancelled for some reason too?


EE cancelled Direct Debit… got an email from them that I need to set up Direct Debit.
But in Monzo application EE Direct Debit was active


My Paypal DD is due today but it’s not in my upcoming feed :confounded:

(Andy) #49

If it wasn’t paid this morning and it’s not showing in your upcoming direct debits then I’d suggest making a manual payment to it. I’d also cancel it and set it back up again via the PayPal website.


I’m confused

(Michael) #51

It takes PayPal a few days to realise the payment never went through, even though it says completed and gives you a transaction number in PayPal. It’s a complete pain.

You can call them and they can verify the payment failed and take it by card. Also should be able to get any late fees or interest removed as it seems to be PayPal’s fault.

Mines failed twice so far after resetting up the direct debit last time too. I’ve reset mine yet again and hopefully it goes through next time but I don’t have high hopes for it :frowning:

(Jack) #52

Sounds like it’s best to avoid PayPal where possible :see_no_evil:

(Michael) #53

My PayPal one works fine, it’s just my PayPal Credit that completely fails.


The website shows this but I haven’t been charged yet

(Andy) #55

Oh in that case that’s expected. Many companies work like this. They will assume payment is successfully before they take payment. In this case 19th is your PayPal billing date, they will then raise a direct debit over the next week for that amount


It’s showing in my upcoming DD :ok_hand:t2:


Has anyone else had direct debits cancelled with no reason available?

A few weeks ago Lloyds told me my direct debit was cancelled as Monzo had instructed them to do so. Monzo say it was Lloyds, so who knows.

Today MBNA say my direct debit has been cancelled with no idea why.

Has anyone else experienced similar? Never had issues with other banks, now I’m concerned one gets cancelled and I’ll miss a payment.


I had a similar thing a couple of months ago with my Barclaycard direct debit. Same story: BC and Monzo were blaming each other. My direct debit would set up as normal, then after a few days it would just disappear from my direct debit list with no notification.

Eventually Barclaycard said they would investigate for me. That was on September 3rd, and I never heard anything after that, but my direct debit has since started working again.

(James Kendall) #59

I’ve had the same recurring problem with my NewDay DD. Set it up, few days later get a cancellation letter, call them back, and so on and so on. Luckily I’ve had the call records so been able to get interest charges and late payment fees reimbursed by NewDay but it is incredibly frustrating!

(Michael) #60

I would have thought NewDay was fine, I have two accounts with them and pay both with my Monzo without any issues